Waiting for Rain at Horse Tank Camp In the Kofa

Friday February 21, 2020 Horse Tank, Kofa, Arizona

Horse Tank camp

Here I am at Horse Tank camped and waiting for some rain to come in. The clouds just covered up all the stars. A  slight breeze, quiet and peaceful.

Helping Marty

This morning I helped Marty put a new soft top on his Jeep after I posted my blog at his place.


Then I went over to visit my friend Adele at Rainbow Acres for a couple of hours. We shot the bull and she caught me up  on what she was doing on her place. She’s been building it and it looks real nice. My kind of place.

Horse tank camp spot

I left her place headed south on the gas line dirt road that led to highway 95 south from her place and turned off on the road that led to Horse Tank and made camp around 4.

My camp spot the same one Dan and I used. I’m expecting rain so I made sure I was on a high spot as the washes can get lots of water in them fast.camp


My view out the van’s side doors.doorview


I’ve been wanting some doughnuts so I made up some batter and cooked them in some coconut oil and sugared them. Yummy especially when there’s not much else I can eat. Maybe next time I’ll make the holes.doughnuts



Here is my camp as the sun went down before it was totally clouded over.sunset


And this is what it looked like just as the sun went down for the day.vanset


Hoping for a hard rain

It’s supposed to rain the hardest tomorrow which I hope it does. It should be interesting to watch the water run off the desert and nice to see the desert wet for a change.

Nice day, nice evening.

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