Water Springs and an Evening Kayak at Jenner

Saturday May 31, 2014 Jenner CA.

First thing I did today was put another coat of polyurethane on the wood stuff for my van, then I went up the hill and checked the springs for how much water they were giving out.

The main one was two gallons a minute and the other two were one gallon a minute and a half gallon a minute, for a total of 3 and half gallons a minute. 210 gallons an hour. 5040 gallons of water in a 24 hour period.

This is the method I use to measure spring water output. An old one gallon paint can. I measure how much the can fills in one minute. Easy.spring


Off to Jenner to kayak

When I returned from that task, I put another coat of poly urethane on the van boards, then got something to eat and left for Jenner around three PM for an evening kayak.

The fog was waffling around when I arrived at Jenner and the wind was down.

I paddled on out and ran into the fish tracking biologists which I talked with briefly before continuing on up the river.

The biologists said they were still tracking the same fish and had found four of the five so far today.

I was sitting around in the fog when these two loons swam by.loons


While I was sitting in the fog another kayak approached. It was John. We shot the bull for a bit then headed on down the river to Swamp rock trail where we put ashore to eat some wild black berries.

Our view as we paddled down the river, just as the fog started to lift.fog


We landed and went to shore and found lots of black berries to eat. Here is John in the black berry patch.johnberry


After that, we continued on down the river through the back channel of Penny Island. The fog lifted and the water went flat, no wind.

The view as we entered the back channel of Penny Island.riverview


Some geese flew by honking away as they went.geese


This was our view as we came out of the channel on the west end of the island. The sun was headed down for the day as we headed down to the river’s mouth area.flat


The river’s mouth was open, but not as wide as yesterday. We sat around in front of the mouth for quite some time just taking it easy. These cormorants and seagulls where sitting nearby.birds


Harbor seals with a low sun on them taking it easy on the sandy beach by the river’s mouth.seals


The sun went down for the day as we sat there in the calm water in front of the river’s mouth area.

This was my view as I sat there in my boat.john


We slowly worked our way in for the night and went  on home for the day, just before dark for another nice day.

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