Water System Planning and the Ditch Digging Starts Unexpectedly

Tuesday June 5, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Hard to get it going so did some planning

Another day I couldn’t seem to get started, so I sat around for a bit doing some planning on where I want to put the new faucets for the new water pipe I need to install for this chicken and garden project.

Planning reduces the cost

I realized I didn’t need to have faucet’s everywhere so was able to reduce my digging and cost a bit. I can always add more if I really need them later.

Get the shovel out

I had a little over a hundred feet of ditch to dig going through here with the pipe. It’s a bit tight in there but a shovel will do the trick to dig the ditch.pipearea


The ditch will start here and go clear on down to the fence  where I was clearing the brush the other day. About eighty feet to the fence.pipe2


Starting digging away

So after figuring out what I needed and sitting around a bit thinking about it, I got the shovel and started digging. I hadn’t really planned to dig this today, but it just seemed like this is what needs to be done so I got er going.ditch7


I dug on through that narrow spot piling the dirt where I could.ditch5


I dug on up to this area for today.ditch3


And I thought a faucet here by the shed would be good.ditch4


Serious break time

I worked for a couple hours and didn’t get this part done when I needed a serious break and a nap.noditch6


Finished one more little piece

I thought I was through digging for the day, but later in the evening I finished off this piece and now have about forty feet to get to the fence to finish off the pipe ditch.ditch8


Serious digging

I dug about sixty feet of ditch today, a lot of dirt maybe about three hours of serious digging.

I diverted the birds from the cherries

Just before dark I went over to the cherry trees and ate a few cherries as they are going fast from the birds eating them.cherrytree


I slowed down the robins cherry feast today as they switched to eating the many worms I dug up from the ditch digging. They would come right up to me and peck a worm off the ground. They seemed to like worms more than the cherries so I might get a few more before they are done for the year.

Keep plugging along

Seems like I still have a lot to do so I’ll just keep plugging along another day digging should do it.

Nice day digging away.

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