Gluing Pipes, Planting Blueberry Bushes and Harvesting Potatoes

Saturday November 21, 2015 Guerneville CA.

First the pipe project

I started off the day with a little water pipe project. I had to finish hooking up another pipe that crosses the creek to my brother’s vegetable garden and install a faucet too. I had to dig a ditch and install the pipe. I added the black foam insulation and am ready to glue the faucet on now.workarea


I put a piece of foam over the water faucet to protect it from the cold and picked up my tools and cleaned the area up a bit.

Here’s the finished project.valve


Planting blueberry plants

That took a a bit longer than I thought it would. I needed a break so took one before starting the next thing that needed to be done which was to plant some blueberry bushes that my brother Mike dug out from his yard and dropped off here.

Here’s are the five blueberry plants my brother dropped off and that I need to plant in my blueberry patch in the background.plants


Digging holes

I dug the first hole and planted the bush and thought that was harder than I thought it was going to be and now my back was hurting a little. I rested in my chair before digging the next hole. After planting the second bush I was thinking I better stop for the day as my back was saying I should, so I sat around in my chair for a bit.

Here’s he first two blueberry plants I planted just behind the shovel. I dug up some potatoes while digging the holes for the berry plants.plants3


Harvesting potatoes

Here’s some of he potatoes I dug up while digging the berry plant holes.potatoes


I washed up the potatoes and put them away for dinners and sat around some more.

One more plant in the ground

Eventually I dug another hole and planted one more bush and of course harvested some more potatoes as I grow potatoes in my blueberry patch.

By now, I was sure my back was done for the day, so I sat around in the yard for a bit, until the sun went down and the day was starting to cool down.

That was my day.

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