Trying to Get a New Shock and Making Plans to Leave the Quartzsite Area

Tuesday March 27, 2018 Quartzsite Arizona

Mostly a day of planning

Marty and Patti were going to the shopping towns today so I asked Marty to see if he could pick me up a new front shock for the van, otherwise I’d go home with the old one which should be ok if I stayed off the bumpy roads.

Once up and going I did yesterday’s blog and then spent the rest of the day doing some planning and some reading.

Heading out

I plan to head out towards home tomorrow stopping along the way. My plan is to head to the Mono Lake area off highway 395 and see about putting my kayak in the water to check it out. I may stop along the way if I see something of interest.

Marty and Patti returned in the afternoon, but no shock was available without ordering it so it should be ok on the way home just the same.

Ice cream yum

Patti did bring me some natural vanilla bean ice cream, Blue Bell, that is corn less so I indulged in that.

A bit later I headed on down to the PitStop in Quartzsite to fill my drinking water jugs up and dumped my garbage.

So now I’m ready to take off in the morning. I’ll not likely have internet too often, but when I do you’ll hear from me.

That was my day.

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One Response to Trying to Get a New Shock and Making Plans to Leave the Quartzsite Area

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Hope things work out and you can take care of the shock at home.
    Your ice cream made me want some. Well, not yours necessarily but ICE CREAM. We are used to always having a couple of flavours in the freezer but we haven’t since we left Arizona. We can find Tillamook brand now and it is the only one I see with cream as the main ingredient. The rest taste watered down to us. yes we are spoiled. At home the brand we buy is Chapmans so I’ll be stocking up soon after we cross into Ontario. :)

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