Watering Weeds and Pollinating the Cherry Blossoms and Weather Around Here

Sunday March 22, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Watering and pollinating

The sun was out again this morning when I got it going so I watered the weeds lightly again today to promote them growing for chicken feed.

I set the water in this spot and moved it often just to get the grasses wet.water


And I set his sprinkler too to water the grass in the front yard.watering


Little chicken run

The chickens were using this little run I made so they can get around my blueberry patch to another mulch pen. It seems to be working out Ok and gets the job done.chickenrun


Momma chicken feeding

The little chicken on the bottom left is a momma with a nest of ten eggs she is sitting on over by a big redwood tree. I put some water and feed out here so she can get to it without the other chickens eating it all. She gets off the nest once or twice a day to water and feed.hen


Pollinating cherry tree blossoms

My cherry trees are blooming nicely right now. I rarely get many cherries so this year I decided to do something different. I picked this little bit of cherry blossom so I could use it to pollinate the cherry trees by hand.flowers


The idea was to use this little bundle of buds to pollinate the other blossoms on the cherry trees like this, by hand and it’s slow and takes a lot of time and I can only reach so high. You just rub the little buds on the other buds and pollen is transferred around.polinating


Thinking of a better way

So after doing some hand pollinating I was sitting around the yard and had an idea.

I went to the bamboo patch and got a piece of black bamboo. And I rounded up my dust duster.  I was thinking I had a feather duster but I couldn’t locate it.

So what’s this piece of bamboo and he duster have to do with cherries?whatthis


Putting it together

I used 2 tie wraps to fasten the duster to the bamboo pole like this.tied


Then I trimmed the bamboo pole so it wasn’t too long to use., like this.pole


I took  my new pole out to this tree which is one of the pollinating trees.tree


Using the new pollinator

And I rubbed the new pollinator pole duster all over the blooms on that tree, like this.moptree


Then I took the rig over to these cherry trees and did the same thing running the duster all over the cherry blooms.ctrees


Get’s up high too

I was able to get up in the upper branches with my new pollinator.mopping


I’ll likely do it again in a couple days as new blossoms come out. Time will tell if his helps out with lots of cherries or not. In the past I haven’t gotten many cherries so I hope this works out.

Working the chickens

Late in the day I let the chickens into this garden pen to do their thing tearing up the ground for me and eating the weeds.chickens


Some rain

Towards evening some clouds formed and it rained lightly with big  drops for about ten minutes or so.

The sky is clouding up to rain a bit.clouds


Patsy wants to know

Patsy in comments wanted to know what the weather temps were around here. She’s from Canada where it’s a bit colder than here for sure.

Here’s a screen shot of or weather for a few days.weather


Best weather in the world

The weather here is some of the best in the world for all year, not just a couple months out of the year like most places. And we have very few bugs and very little humidity.

Still bitch

Most people around here still bitch about it. When they do I say if you think the weather is bad around here, just look any place else and you’ll see it’s real nice here.

Cleaning up the chicks pen

Late in the day I spent some time getting the chicken pen I use for new chicks ready cleaning out the debrie on the floors and just cleaning things up so things will be ready if and when the new chicks arrive.


The weather was real nice today with mostly sun, so I enjoyed another day of isolation puttering around the yard getting stuff done.

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One Response to Watering Weeds and Pollinating the Cherry Blossoms and Weather Around Here

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    So, you’re not just a pretty face!! ha ha That is indeed a clever contraption you have rigged up to pollinate the cherry trees! Brilliant! I hope you have cherries coming out of your ears this summer/fall :)
    Thank you so much for the weather forecast. Now, I know and I can certainly see that your weather is very nice. What do people there have to complain about? I don’t get it either. We don’t complain here either as we know it will change soon. We don’t like winter here so we go to your neck of the woods, kind of. :)
    Thanks again, Bob!

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