Watering the Yard and Enjoying the Sunny Day

Saturday March 21, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Watering day

The sun was out when I got it going today which was nice as it was warmer.

I decided to do some watering of the weeds today as weeds are also chicken feed.

I set this sprinkler and moved it around to water the grasses.water1


I only left the sprinkler on for a short time in each spot just to put a little water on the grasses to help get them growing more.water2


Blooming fruit trees

Despite the recent rains my cherry trees and prune trees are blooming nicely.cherry3


Hoping for more cherries

I have a lot of cheery trees blooming but rarely get very many cherries. I’m usually lucky to just get a few of them. I always hope for better, so maybe this year, as right now the cherry trees are looking good in their blooms.trees4


Another shot of one of the sprinklers with a little rainbow too.water5


Grazing chickens

Late in the day I let the chickens out to graze and I sat around and watched them.chickens6


More chickens grazing around the yard.chickens7


Rooster number 2

This is the number two rooster with a couple hens. Being number two he has to work a lot harder than the number one rooster. He also has to watch out for the number one rooster kicking his butt.rooster


I did a lot of chair hopping and puttering around the yard today, enjoying my isolation.

Nice day with the sun shining and me taking it easy.

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One Response to Watering the Yard and Enjoying the Sunny Day

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Looks like it was a lovely day there! Curious in your temperatures, maybe in your next post you could tell us?
    The chickens and No. 2 rooster look content. We saw a lot of cherry blossoms on the last leg of our journey home. Oklahoma and Missouri especially.

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