Weed Eating and the Machine Eats a Water Pipe

Sunday April 17, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Weed mowing

I got the weed eater out as I had a few spots where I needed to cut the weeds down. Mostly in the places the chickens don’t get eaten up and for some fire protection.mower1


I got the weed eater going with only a little difficulty so I was ready to go.

Here’s the first place I started to mow near the house.weeds2


And this spot near the creek was getting over grown.weeds3


Driveway too

I got those two spots done and then did some of the driveway edges just to make it look nice.drive6


Of course I needed to  take a few breaks as pushing the machine around takes a bit of effort, although it works rather well for this kind of stuff.

Things were going well until

Late in the day I was mowing this ivy that’s getting out of control and the chickens don’t eat it. I wasn’t being careful enough and hit the white water pipe in the bushes there and water started squirting out of the pipe so I found the shut off for that part.pipe4


Actually I had to hunt for the shut off valve box as the chickens had buried it.

First try failed

I tried to fix it with a clamp and a piece of rubber but that didn’t work as I found out I’d put a crack in the pipe which was going to take some more fixing.

The clamp didn’t work.leakypipe4


I cut the bad piece of pipe out but will need to go shopping to get stuff to repair it, but not now as the stores are closed.pipecut7


That pipe just goes to the chicken pen area so I can get by without it for a bit.

That pretty much did the day in and was happy to get done what I did.

Nice day.

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