Sitting Around, Trail Work and the Quad Runner Breaks Down

Monday April 18, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Sitting around

I started the day off sitting around the yard and not doing much but enjoying the day. I’d planned to go to town to get some pipe fittings to fix the broken water pipe but didn’t really feel like going to town, so that can wait.

I had some other work to do in the yard but decided that can wait too, might as well enjoy the day.

Just for the exercise

Around two I jumped on the quad runner and rode on up into the forest on this road to do some trail work, just for the exercise mostly.road1


Downed trees

I didn’t get very far when I ran into these downed trees across the road which I’d forgotten about as I ran into them the other day.quad2


So today I made a path on through them as they were mostly too heavy for me to mess with so now at least we can drive on through.tree3


Forest trail

This is the trail I rode on up to the spot I wanted to repair.tral4


Drizzle starts

There was a light drizzle just starting as I rode up the trail. I didn’t bring any rain gear, I’m hoping the big trees will block some of the drizzle at least long enough for me to do my work.

Work area

There was an old ditch that had washed into this part of the trail long ago so today the plan was to fill in the ditch and repair the trail which I did.trailwork5


Large rain drops

The drizzle was starting to penetrate the trees and the rain drops where large because they were dripping off the trees. I got done just in time, before I got real wet.

The quad runner took me down this trail headed for home before I got wet.trail6


Broke down

On the way and almost home the quad runner died on me a couple times and then just died here and wouldn’t start.

It acted like it was out of gas but I knew it had plenty when I started as I’d checked the gas level the other day but still that’s what it acted like. I looked in the gas tank and couldn’t see any gas so what to do. The drizzle was getting me wet but not too bad.quad7


Getting gas

Since I was close to home I walked on home and got some gas and walked it on back thinking I can just put some gas in and ride on home,…………but no.

I filled up the tank and tried to start the quad but it wouldn’t start. After a couple tries I happened to notice gas was pouring out the bottom. OH, OH.

I wasn’t sure what to do as where the gas was coming from I couldn’t see or get to, but I decided to try turning off the gas valve and that worked.

It seems one of the gas lines is broken or got knocked off by a stick or something. At any rate, with it drizzling and things a bit wet I left the machine here and walked on home and will fix it later, once I get it towed home which wasn’t today. The machine should be just fine in this spot although it will get a bit wet during tonight’s rain which shouldn’t hurt it.gas8


Bit of a rest and rain coming

So I walked back home and sat down here for a bit for a rest.house9


I could see some rain coming in up in the forest to the left.view11


This rain is moving towards me and will be over me shortly so time to go into the house.rain10


Nice day.

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