Weeding Strawberries, Picking Kale and Enjoying the Nice Fall Day

Saturday November 13, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Strawberry patch weeding

My strawberry patch hangers needed some weeding so that’s what I started out doing today after a bit of wake up chair hopping around the yard.patch


You can see some of the big weed leaves in the hanger that I need to  remove.weeds


Yummy berries

There were still some strawberries ripening up.berries


Working the kale

Then I checked out the kale in my brother’s garden. He said we need to strip off the bottom leaves to get it growing again.kale


I wasn’t sure how many leaves to strip off so I took some off this plant as I wanted some leaves to feed to the chickens to see if they liked the stuff or not.leaves


Chickens like kale

I dumped the bucket of leaves in the chicken pen to see if they’d eat it and yes they did so I’ll have to pick some more for them.

Chair hopping day

It was another bright blue sky day so I spent a good deal of the day chair hopping around the yard with the chickens.

Redwood mulch moving

I did move some of this redwood tree mulch from some of my redwoods off the driveway and put it where it would do some good. That was only a couple loads so it didn’t take too long to do.driveway


This young rooster came up to me while I was sitting and has been fairly friendly. It has some nice colors so far and soon it will change the colors to it’s mature colors which should be interesting on this bird.rooster


The only problem with this bird is it gets out of the pen by hopping over the roof so it will likely end up in the stew pot soon. :O)

A pretty easy day today just taking it easy enjoying the yard with a bright sun.

Nice day.

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