Marty Visits, Strawberries. Leaves and I Check the Well Water Level

Sunday September 6, 2015 Guerneville CA.

I was out in the yard this morning getting ready to move some leaves to my potato patch when I saw Marty drive into the drive.

We shot the bull a bunch and discussed some of the details for our upcoming trip in a couple weeks, back up to the high desert.

Then we took a short walk over to my brother’s garden and ate a few strawberries. Yummm.

This is his strawberry


And these are some of the strawberries.strawberries


And I picked a couple peppers for dinner tonight.peppers


When Marty left after a couple hours I worked on moving some of these downed pepperwood leaves. Just rake them up and put them on a tarp to transport them a short distance to my potato patch.rakeleaves


I was dumping the leaves here on the end of my potato patch. There is some crab grass taking a hold in this spot and I thought maybe the leaves would block the sun and some of it would die.mulch


I spent most of the day just puttering around in the yard doing this and that.

Measuring the well water level

Towards evening when the sun was lower in the sky, I got the stuff out to try measuring the well water level on our  well.

The measuring method is a little shaky. There is a little piece of wood tied to the end of the string which is lowered down the well until the wood floats on the water. But, do to the tiny hole in the well cap, the piece of wood used is very small so it’s hard to tell when it’s floating on the water. As near as I can tell the static water lever is about eighteen feet. The well is 35 feet deep so we are still doing ok.

This is the well with my measuring stuff.well


That pretty much wrapped up my day for another good one.

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