What happened to the Fish? Lumens night

Going out again tonight to try to solve the fish puzzle.

I’ve been puttering around the yard today, working a little, but resting up to go out again tonight. Seems the more I go out, the more questions I get? Hummm. At least that keeps it interesting, and helps keep ones ego down as you realize there is a lot going on out here. The river and how the ocean interacts with it is very dynamic. You think you have it figured out, then you see it’s doing something else. Add them all up and you might have a small piece of it.

I’m learning quite a bit about the lumens this year and it’s taught me something about how the water moves with the tides, but only a little. I need to go out on the river tonight to see what I can find out about where did all the fish go last night. I looked around the mouth and around the island and up along the highway, just above the visitors center, and almost saw no fish. I did not go up river from there where I saw quite few fish the night before, Soooooooooooooooo. Looks like I need to go out again tonight. I need to go up the river to the Spooky Marcum’s hole, the fifty foot deep one in the dark corner. Since I saw a lot of fish up there, I need to check it out again and then get back down river and check out around the island again so I can compare how many fish I saw where. I should also note that I didn’t see many seals out last night, in the water in front of the island, meaning west end, nor did I see many at the mouth. Almost none in the water and only two on the beach. Remember, I didn’t see any fish either. I think I should also note that I can’t see any fish in the water at night if there are no lumens, although, occasionally, I’ll see wakes in the water, especially in the shallows by the shore line.

The tide and the night.

The tide is at 8:10 tonight, at 5.5ft., about seven eighths of a moon. It should get dark around the time of the high tide. Right now the wind  is blowing fairly good, ten miles from the south,  predicted to go to 22 miles per hour, maybe it will blow the fog out, but that means the moon will shine, which is nice, but not as nice to view the lumen stuff, as it tends to wash out the light. I need to be up at Marcum’s hole by dark, so I think I’ll leave around six or so.

Need to get back to my resting up for tonight, and I’m getting hungry too. I’ll try to make a report tonight before I go to bed,  if I’m not to pooped. :O)

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