Where’s Lucy and Fertilizing Some Stuff

Tuesday November 24, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Where’s Lucy

My brother Tom was wondering why Lucy, a chicken hasn’t been in his yard lately. We thought she might have migrated over to my neighbor’s chickens so I walked on over there across this bridge. Lucy has a reddish head and neck so that’s why she is called Lucy after Lucile Ball.bridge


No Lucy

I walked on through this orchard and talked with the neighbors but they hadn’t seen Lucy but did say a fox had gotten one of their chickens the other night. That doesn’t sound good for Lucy.orchard


I checked out their chickens and no Lucy there either.chickens



On the way back I had a look into one of Tom’s green houses to see what he had growing in there. Looks like spinach.spinage


And this growing field was mostly bare with just these red bells in it. Winter time.bells


Nest boxes

Back at my house I collected a couple chicken eggs. Not many hens laying right now, it’s the slowest time of the year because the chicken’s are  molting. Out of about twenty five laying chickens I get 5 eggs a day if I’m lucky. There’s only one hen in the nest box.hen



I was pretty beat today from fasting as I’m on day 5 and with no gas in the tank I don’t have much energy so I napped most of the day.

Chicken poo for fertilizer

But toward evening I got it going enough to load up the wheelbarrow with the chicken poo under the young chicken’s roost on the right.rooost


I got enough poo to do about 2 trees.poo


I made it to here before pooping out and sat down for a bit. I plan to fertilize the cherry tree in the back and a big grape vine back there too.dirt


Grape vine

I put about half the load on the big grape vine in the back. It’s a huge grape vine but didn’t give me many grapes last year so I hope this stuff will improve that this year.grape


Cherry tree

This cherry tree actually did better last year giving me some cherries but not a lot so I put the rest of the chickens poo around it for the rains to wash into the soil.tree


Wood chip pile

Then I loaded the wheelbarrow up with a load of wood chips.chips


And dumped it back in the roost poo area. I take a load out and replace it with fresh wood chips to collect the poo and mix with it.mulch


By then it was almost dark so I called it a day.

Nice easy day puttering around the yard.

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