Wild Bird Seed, a Ride and a Walk in the Forest

Friday February 16, 2024 Guerneville CA.

I was waiting for Tom to show up with some wild bird seed he was giving me.

I let the chickens into the front yard early today. They like the front yard the best.chickens1

Bulkhead repair

My brother Tom brought his tractor over with some rock to fill up the bridge bulkhead I was repairing that washed out during a big storm. I told him to fill it up and I’d level it off with my shovel later in the day.hole2

Bird seed

Tom Monson showed up with the wild bird seed. Seems a lady died that fed the wild birds seed all the time and that’s where the bird seed came from. She fed the wild birds the best stuff so my chickens will be happy to get some of that seed. I used to work with Tom at HP a long time ago.

We sat around and shot the bull for a bit, then we rode up into the hills to check things out up there.tom3

We rode around for a bit then rode over to a trail I’d been working on and went for a walk.

Wild flower

Right away we spotted some more of these redwood orchids. I hadn’t seen any of these around here for years, but all this rain has been good for them.flower4

Clearing the trail

I hadn’t been all the way out this trail for a long time and there was some serious tree stuff down on it in places so I put Tom to work clearing stuff off it as we walked along it.tree5

We threw this stuff off the trail. Big redwood limbs.trail6

The trail goes down this nice ridge. Easy walking.trail7

This was the worst of it. Those big trees below him fell down across the trail so we had to climb up the hill a bit to get by them. That will be a chore getting those big trees off the trail, but not today.trees8

This was a better part of the trail. It’s a part that I will eventually widen out.trail9

We made it back to the bikes after taking a few breaks on the trail on the way back to the bikes.

We headed towards home taking this trail where I knew there were a bunch of big redwood limbs I wanted to stop and remove them as when the bike’s tires hit them, they can cause the bike to tip over. As I was slowing down to stop to work on getting them off the trail, my bike’s tire sled along one of them and threw me to the ground. The ground was real soft so it didn’t hurt much. We got the rest of the big branches off the trail and continued to my place.bikes10

Finishing up

After Tom left, I went over to the bridge bulkhead repair to smooth this dirt off to finish up this repair.dirt11

It didn’t’ take long to smooth things off and that job could be scratched off the list.dirt12

With all the rain we’ve been having the daffodils are still looking good.daffs13

Nice day.

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