Doing Better Things Than Sitting In the House All Day

Saturday February 17, 2924 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

I checked the weather guys and they said it was going to start showering around four today.

I put on my rain jacket, just in case, and loaded up a shovel and the chainsaws in my side by side. Just as I was getting ready to take off, the rain showers started.

Forest work

The goal today was to go out and enjoy the rain and do a bit of work, directing water off the roads and clearing any downed trees on the road.

I headed towards the hill top on my Cousin’s place as I knew this one was up there that the side by side barely got under with a lot of scraping of the roof.tree1

With the rain, my camera didn’t come out much as it’s not water proof.

I did go to the ridge top where we usually take a break and did some shovel work on the way back down.

I knew where there was some other shovel work to do on my Cousin’s place, so turned onto that road to get it done.

I didn’t get far on that road when I ran into this downed tree that wasn’t there yesterday.sidy2

I cut it up and cleared the road and passed on by. Riding in the machine kept me fairly dry but when I got out to do some work, I slowly got wet. Mostly my pants as I didn’t put on my rain pants and only had my rain jacket on.

Shovel work

I made it to the spots on my Cousin’s place where the water needed to be drained off the road to prevent the water making ditches in the road when it rains hard.

By the time I got all the ditching done, I was pretty wet on the bottom of me.

Last tree

But I knew of one more tree to get off the road on the Choker Spring’s road, so I headed to this spot.treedown

Last downed tree

I got it cut up and wasn’t going to remove it off the road as I was getting tired out, but I persisted and got the cut pieces off the road.

I headed for home but stopped in a couple more places to do some more shovel work.

Once home, I stripped down and got on some dry warm clothes and turned the heater up a bit and it was nap time.


Since the chickens stayed in most of the day, I did go out and give them a bit more feed before it got dark.

Nice day to be out in the forest as the forest is real different in the rain and the rain warms it up a bit, not like snow and ice.

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