Willow Creek Reservoir Camp

Bull Run Camp Blizzard this morning

I went to bed around twelve last night to stars and a half a moon.

This morning, I woke about 7:30 to gusting winds shaking the van. When I looked out the window, a snow blizzard greeted me. Wow.

Below is a picture of the van, snow blown in the morning. It’s what I woke up to.



The road out down to highway 11. Put it in four wheel just in case.



Chicken Summit on highway 256, I think it was. Lots of snow, but it is firm.



Tuscarora Road starts here.

The is the road that turns off near Tuscarora, NV., that goes to Willow Creek Reservoir, where I am camped now. The road doesn’t look too bad, I was on it with a friend one time when there was over a foot of snow. We made it then, but just barely. I’m hoping it doesn’t have too much more snow on it, then this.



A good graveled road starts off well.



But it does get a bit snowier, two to four inches of firm stuff, so the going was good most of the way. Looking back from the way I came.



Not too much traffic on the road, the van was doing well, I didn’t have to use four wheel drive.



A lot of geese on the upper part of the lake as I entered Willow Creek area.



Below is my first view of Willow Creek Reservoir, entering from the east.


Willow Creek Reservoir camp site.

I’m parked just above the dam, the picture is looking east. .This is where I am now and it will be my camp for the night. I arrived here about 10:30 this morning and have just been kicked back in my van watching the weather to the east of me, which is the Jarbidge area. Good thing I’m not over there right now. :O)



Below is the view out of my van  side window.



Below is a feeble try are a panorama, not too good, but you get the idea. The view out my van side window.



The plan?

The plan is to stay here until tomorrow and then leave and do some exploring on the way to Winnemucca, NV. I want to check out the town of Midas, NV., as I haven’t been there for over ten years. I may find a place to camp around there or somewhere else on the way to Winnemucca. Or I might go to Winnemucca to get gas and post these blogs and head out to north ninety five and to west 140, depending what the weather man has to say about weather in the South Oregon area.

I heard a coyote a while ago, so I got out my call, which I will use in awhile to see if I can get any answers. It’s a bit chilly out tonight, but I seem to be staying mostly comfortable, with my propane heater. This cooler weather makes me appreciate home. :O)

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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