Bull Run Reservoir Camp

Bull Run Monday Oct. 22, 5:00 PM

Here I am sitting in my van, wind blowing, rain and sleet blowing around out there. Sure glad I’m in my van. I plan to stay here for the night, unless it really starts to snow,then I might move down the road a little further, but it’s usually best to sit tight. Bull Run Reservoir is outside my window about a half mile or so. That is the side of the van that the sleet is piling up, slowly melting. Things might change as it gets dark and colder? If the weather is good around here tomorrow, I might hike to the reservoir, as it’s an easy hike and the first one in jumps all the wild life out of the area. Never know what you might see.

Trip to Maggie’s Summit,… beautiful to Bull Run

From the fire station I headed south on 255, just a little ways, about a mile to the turn off for Maggie’s summit road. I’ve been on the road several times before, but not for a long time.

Taking off up a graveled, but not maintained in winter road, you can see the Quaking Aspen have turned.



Some leaves on the road at a colder spot.



Quaking Aspen grove, very colorful.



I’d forgotten about these guys, the auto parts gang. By a house along the road. Made from parts. Nicely done. It was spitting rain and windy, not a good place for my camera, so quite a few of these pictures are taken though my windshield, where I am mostly nice and cozy. :O)



A ranch along the road to Maggie’s pass. Already for winter.



Another ranch along the road, ranch is in center back. Click to enlarge.



Almost to the top and very little snow, great, I’ll make it over the pass. I’d forgotten how beautiful the Maggie’s summit road  was. :O)



Below is the van, at Maggie’s summit. It was windy here and spitting rain. I chanced the camera getting wet for a shot here.


I’d some this road up as this is a very beautiful road to drive. Just scenic.

Made it to Bull Run Reservoir camp.

This is Bull Run camp below, where I will stay the night where I am now. It was my not so planned destination for the day. I could of driven on, but I’m working on slowing down and smelling the roses,…..a…..does snow smell? :O)

After I finish this blog thing, I’ll cook some dinner and relax while the storm does it’s thing out there. I wish I’d of fixed those air leaks in the front doors of the van a bit, as there is a fairly good draft coming from them as the wind blows, which is quite a bit right now.

Bull Run camp site below. No neighbors. :O)


6:30 PM camped at Bull Run

Fixed myself some dinner and just got things cleaned up. Made a fresh pot of coffee and put most of it in a thermos for later.

Dinner was done in my wok. Chicken breast meat, sliced and fried, added to that sliced onions and garlic and a couple scrambled eggs and a sliced fresh tomato thrown in at the last. It was good. That was my main meal for the day. Corn free, I hope. I  have to stay skinny, well, not too heavy anyway.

I haven’t cooked much in the van since I rearranged it a while ago. The arrangement seems to be working out fairly well. Cleaning up seems to be the biggest hassle, but I never did like that job. I’ll work out some routine shortly, I’m sure.

This is the longest I’ve spent inside my van in weather and it’s working out fairly well. I can get fairly comfortable in my new sitting area that I recently a made. It has an office chair on wheels so I can roll around and be quite comfy. :O) The bed is working out well also, I’m glad I put the heavy down comforter in the van, just before I left home.

Below you can see the view outside my door window. The weather has been windy and threatening as you can see from the mountain. The wind has slowed now a bit, but continues to gust once in awhile. Sorta  reminds me of the desert.


Bellow is another part of my view of the van door window. The Bull Run Reservoir is up there, just to right of center, right at the mountain base.  I hope the weather is nice in the morning so I can hike up there?



I have the heater going, a cup of coffee and will kick back until bed time, pondering what to do on the rest of this trip.

Not Making it to the Jarbidge  area was OK, because just driving around out here on these back type roads is all part of the fun. Just cruising around in the desert, dodging weather. Until tomorrow.

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    was this in Nevada north of Tuscarora? Love your blog by the way

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