Windy at Jenner So Off to Salmon Creek Ranch for Some Meat

Monday October 30, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Meat run day

  The weather guys said it was going to be a bit windy today.

So I decided to drive down to the Jenner overlook to see how things where when I arrived at Jenner this morning.

Jenner overlook

Things looked pretty good, not much wind yet.

Looking up the river from the Jenner overlook south.overlook3


The river’s mouth was still closed, but it looked like lots of ocean waves had been breaking over the sand bar.mouth1


Harbor seals and seagulls and brown pelicans were resting on the beach and water.beach2


Started to put my boat in the water, but

So I decided to put my boat in the water. John the trash picker upper at Jenner came by so we shot the bull a bit as I started to unload my kayak.

But as we were chatting away the wind came up and it was rather cold, so I tied the boat back on my car and decided to drive south to the Salmon Creek Ranch at Bodega bay.

Salmon Creek Ranch

Lesley, the ranch owner lady, who knew I was coming by sometime today wasn’t around for some reason.

I’m parked at the ranch store, but no Lesley, so what to do?store5


She had showed me earlier how to get my meat and process the bill, but I had some questions and some special needs so I needed to wait for her.

Walk down to the tree house

She’d said before I was welcome to go for a walk on the ranch if I like, so that’s what I did.

I went by this pen full of ducks with the big guard dog.dog6


These are duck egg laying ducks. I hear they lay their eggs in the grasses so collecting the duck eggs is like an  Easter egg hunt.ducks4


I walked down this road headed for their tree house.trail7


It wasn’t far maybe a quarter mile or so.trail10


Here’s the tree house. I saw someone up there, but thought it might be a guest and started to leave, but then thought I better check as it might be Lesley doing some house cleaning. It wasn’t her, but it was Amanda doing some house cleaning.

The tree house.treehouse


She checked her IPad and found a  message from Lesley asking if she’d seen me as I figured Lesley likely knew I went for a walk while waiting for her return.

Here’s Lesley doing the math for my order.lesley10


On the way down the hill to Bodega Bay I ran into the county work crews doing some brush work on the sides of the road which was much needed. They were filling pot holes in the road which was way over due.tractor11


Checking out Salmon Creek for a launch place

I stopped by Salmon Creek to see if I could find a place to put my boat in the water sometime.

I found this spot at the Yacht Club. It looked like a hard place to launch a kayak as the banks are steep and it’s very hard to launch a boat from a dock. It looked possible though.yachtclub12


Looking up Salmon Creek from the Yacht Club Launch. Another  time maybe.salmoncreek


Still windy

The wind was still up at Jenner when I crossed over the river at the bridge on highway 1, so I continued on home for the day.

When I arrived home it was a bit cool out, so I put the meat away and that was pretty much it for the day as I  hung out in the house.

That was my day.

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