Windy Paddle to the River’s Mouth and a Walk On Penny Island

Monday November 28, 2016 Jenner CA.

Nothing better to do

The weather guys said it was going to be a bit windy today at Jenner. Since I have nothing better to do, I drove on down there and put my boat in the water. The wind was up to about ten or fifteen miles an hour, still doable.

I wasn’t sure which way to go today so I paddled over to the little channel on the upper end of Penny Island to think about it.

My buddy the great blue heron

This great blue heron was there first and didn’t leave the whole time I was there.-channel


My presence didn’t seem to bother this heron which is understandable as I’ve been seeing it almost everyday for quite some time now.heron


Paddling down to the river’s mouth area

I think I stayed there about a half hour or so and decided to head on down towards the river’s mouth area as I haven’t been down that way in a few days or so.

I paddled down along the edge of Penny Island to it’s lower end here were I stopped for a bit.islandhead


I paddled on over to the river’s open mouth looking like this as I approached.moutharea


The river’s mouth is open to the ocean

I paddled right over in front of the open mouth and looked on out into the ocean which looked like this. The ocean was a bit on the rough side.rough


No wind in the slot

With the wind up, I didn’t stay long and headed on over to the island’s back channel and paddled into what I call the slot which is mostly out of the wind.

This was looking out of the slot, over the top of Penny Island to the town of Jenner across the river.slot


Walk on the island would be nice

I was thinking a little walk on the bottom end of Penny Island might be a good idea.

Looking out the slot, I was thinking of pulling in on the island just to the right in front of me.walk


I paddled across from the slot and landed here in the grass on Penny Island.boat


Well meaning people’s signs turn to trash

I was walking up along it’s edge through this grass when these two stakes caught my eye.grass


This sign was on the ground under the stakes. It all seems a a bit crazy to me. Now the sign is the trash and they are advising not to pick up trash on the island?sign


There’s a lesson here for the students, but will they get it?

The signs were put up in late September I believe as the classes are in October.

I worked my way into the center of the island were there is lots of wood debree that has washed onto the island over the years on the lower end.log


Another one of those signs was laying in the debree. I counted three of them on this walk and I think there are about ten of them on the island just laying around and acting like trash.sign2


Nice walk through the grass

I was working my way around the lower end of the island and stopped on this log for a short break. My boat is across the grass, just above center and I’m continuing my walk off to the right of the picture.cutlog


Which looked like this as I rounded the bottom end of Penny Island and am headed for my boat, up past those stumps.stump


The wind finally slows up

The wind had slowed down quite a bit while I was on my walk on the island and now it was mostly a stiff breeze. I put my boat back in the water and paddled on up the island’s back channel to it’s upper end which I went around to here where I’m just getting ready to cross over the river to the boat ramp.barn


I paddled across to the boat ramp and loaded my boat on the car and drove on home for the day.

That was my day for another nice one.

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