A Late Start Paddle, a Walk and a Sunset at Jenner CA.

Sunday November 27, 2016 Jenner CA.

Slow getting it going today

I sleep in a bit today  so I didn’t get down to Jenner until about 1PM. The wind was up and it was overcast as I put my boat in the water at the boat ramp.

After parking my car, I  headed across the river to this little channel on the upper end of Penny Island to decide what to do today.fisher


The tease bird

As I was sitting there the local tease bird came by and sat in front of me, even long enough for me to get a picture of it. I’ve been seeing this bird often so it’s starting to settle down a bit.kingfisher


A decision was made to go for a little walk

Eventually I decided to work my way up the river a bit to Eagle’s landing where I would go to shore and walk around a bit.

I paddled by these geese on the way.geese


I pulled into the big trees and went to shore here.shore


Took the down river trail first

I wasn’t sure which way I wanted to go so first I walked down the trail that goes down the river to this spot which was only a short distance.trail


I was sitting there when I noticed there were a bunch of tiny mushrooms under the grass right next to me. Tiny as in less than a half inch in the cap.shrooms


And then headed up to a lookout point

After awhile, I decided to walk up the hill to the lower lookout point.

I walked through these ferns on the way up the hill.frerns


And through these wind blown trees all covered with green moss.moss


Lower lookout point

That little green mound in the picture is lower lookout point where I sat and looked out for a bit.rock


But it’s not a very comfortable spot, so I went up the hill just a little further and sat for a good spell in some nice green grass.

On the way back down I took a different route and went through here on this old game trail.mossetree


And down along here, almost back to the water where my boat is waiting.trailtree


Time to head in for the day

I could see the sun was headed down for the day so I headed on back. The wind had died down nicely by now.flatwater


This was my the view as I paddled past the big tree on Penny Island just as the sun is going down behind the tree.islandtree


I crossed over the river to the boat ramp at the visitor center.

At the boat ramp

And here I’m at the boat ramp getting ready to put my boat on the car.ramp


I went on home were it was already dark and brought some firewood in for the fire and that was it for me for a nice day.

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