Worked in My Yard Today

Sunday, Apr. 7, 2013, Guerneville, CA.

Yard work and fixing things today

Today, I thought it would be a good day to take it easy and do some much needed yard work. I have some downed small olive trees and I need to down another one and cut it up, but first my little chain saw needs some work as it won’t keep running for some reason.

I worked on it, but couldn’t get it to work right, so I went online and finally found the operators manual for it that told me where to set he carburetor adjustments. That finally fixed the problem, so I cut everything up and hauled it to the wood shed with my wheel barrel.

While I was sitting there resting in my chair, my brother from next door comes by and asks if I can help him get the dump trailer lights working so he could use it to haul some stuff, so I worked on that for an hour or so, until we got it all working ok. Then he informs me his golf cart charger socket has been over heating and he needs some help soldering some wires to it, which fixed that problem.

I then picked up all the brush from the chain saw work and stacked it on the brush pile and the day was about over, or at least it was nap time for me. :O)

Later, I noticed that I still had some more redwood limbs to cut up that had fallen last winter, but, you know what, that will just have to wait.

Had a nice day.

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