Working On My Cart Conversion and Hazardous Trees

Saturday July 17, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Chopper noise

The chopper started working early this morning which cut into my sleep. It went all day. I learned they are removing hazardous trees from the recent forest fire.. That chopper might be a bit hard to see as it goes down behind the trees with the log load to dump them in the state park parking lot.chopper1


Hand cart project

Anyway I worked on my hand cart project. I needed four washers with 3 quarter inch holes in them for the axle. I hunted through my stuff but couldn’t’ locate any, doesn’t mean I don’t have some somewhere.

I drilled out 4 smaller washers and checked their fit on the axle material.washers2


Before I can do the axle and wheels I have to make the bottom of the cart.

Bending things

So I decided to try and use the braces already on there. I ground off the welds on the ends and used the pipe to help bend them up like this.bending3


The persuader

Then I got out what mechanics call the persuader and finished bending the braces straight by pounding them on this steel table.perswader4


Cart bottom

Next I cut the material for the bottom of the cart and checked the fit.layout5


I got the welding stuff out and welded the bottom up.welding6


Welded up

I then ground the welds smooth and welded the old cart to the new bottom which was all I wanted to do on this today as the day was almost over and this sets me up to install the axle.welded7


I checked on the chickens and they were out grazing.birds8


Trip to the park to check on the logging

So just before dark I thought I’d go up into the park and see what they were doing with all the logs the chopper was bringing in.

Lots of closed park signs.park9


Sometimes I think some signs are over done and a waste of money.sign10


Logging stuff

I walked into the park and could see the logging stuff in the parking lot.park11


This is the mat the chopper puts the logs on.mats12


Another angle of the operation.logs13


One last shot and I headed on home.escavator14


Nice day.

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