Hand Cart Modifications and A Ride In the Redwood Forest

Friday July 16, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Modifying a hand cart

Nancy in comments said I need a hand cart to help move the heavy sacks of feed around. So this morning while chair hopping I was wondering if I had any wheels that might work to build a cart, so I looked and found these big things but that might be just what I need to get around this place. Now if I have something for an axle I’ll be good to go so I looked through my stuff for one.wheels1


Testing the tires

I aired up the tires with ten pounds and will check them to see if they hold air.So far they seem too, I’ll check them again tomorrow.


I checked the fit on this three quarter inch rod and it fit just right so now I figured I have the stuff to get a cart going.axle3


Big chopper

I heard a big chopper up in the park just out of sight here, and I was wondering what it was doing. I later found out it was the power company working on some repairs in the fire area.sky3


Hand cart to hand truck

I had this light weight hand cart with too little wheels I don’t use much so I got it out and decided to use it to convert into a larger better hand truck. I needed to remove the axle so I got the saws all out to cut the welds off to remove it.cutoff4


Slowing the job down

I decided to leave it for now as it’s always a good idea to think about stuff longer when building stuff to get a better job.

Forest ride

And besides I wanted to go up in the forest for a quad runner ride so I got my stuff together and headed out in the later afternoon.

No Bo trailer

When I was riding past my neighbors place I saw they  had a new trailer and saw him outside so I stopped to shoot the bull about it for a bit. His wife heard us talking and came out to join us and I got the grand tour of things. Nice looking rig that is very functional.nobo5


Riding the trail

After a bit  I left and rode on up into the hills taking this trail.trail6


I stopped here for a bit as I just like this area.quad7


I had my loppers so I stopped in a spot to trim some branches but otherwise I just was enjoying my ride through this forest.trail8


Home again

Eventually I headed back home for some chair hopping, some watering  and puttering.

Cart planning

The last thing I did was have another look at the cart modification. I think this might make a nice cart after I make the base larger so the big sacks will sit on it. I’m thinking I want to make the base large enough to place the sacks on their sides as that way I can carry more.design


Nice day.

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4 Responses to Hand Cart Modifications and A Ride In the Redwood Forest

  1. Patrick B says:

    Monster Cart! :)

    I’ve read they will be using choppers in the park for fire cleanup/logging operations also, which is why the reopening has been further delayed. They don’t want visitors/choppers/logging trucks mixing it up.

    I hike there often, and am really missing it. It’s a nice compromise between the cold foggy coast and scorching inland parks for day hikes.

  2. Nancy K says:

    I knew you could build a hand cart!! A handy guy is worth his weight in gold! No more lugging those heavy sacks around!!

  3. D pursell says:

    Instead of filling the tires with air, fill them with fix-a-flat. Never have to worry about a flat again. A friend this this modification, said it worked great. I think he got the idea off of YouTube.

    • Patrick B says:

      Many people like the green goop, I don’t.

      Once in a tire, disassembly is a mess. If there is a larger cut that needs a patch it’s really difficult to clean it out. If it’s inside a tube you can only toss the tube, patching is impossible as the goop keeps oozing out preventing the cement from working.

      Slow leaks on those small tubeless tires are often just rim leaks. Clean the rim well, and I add some rubber cement around the bead before seating the tire.

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