Working on the Cycle Carrier and a Motorcycle Joy Ride

Sunday January 14, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Work and play

It was cool out when I got it going today, but I decided to tough it out and started working on my motorcycle carrier for my van.

Here’s the two parts I made yesterday. I’m thinking if I weld up those cracks it would look better. There’s a weld on the back so it doesn’t really need a weld.parts1


This is one of the cracks that a weld would make it look better.crack2


I welded them up and now I’ll have to grind them down as the levers ride over those spots. I’ll do that once they cool down some.weldcracls5


Renter’s leaky faucet

I took a short break then went over to check up on our renters as they have some kind of small leak in the washing machine faucets or something, but no one was home.

Back to work making levers

I needed another set of levers and didn’t seem to have what I had in mind in available metal so I finally decided to make what I needed by welding two pieces of metal together to form angles.

Here’s my set up to make the angles out of two pieces of metal.angle3


Here’s another shot of my angle making area.angle4


And here’s the four lever’s. They still need some grinding and  holes drilled in them, but not today.levers6


Here’s how the base goes

Here’s a preliminary view of how the base will be attached to the tour bar.base7


The back of the van view.back8


Need to check the hill roads

I needed to check the roads up in the hills for any erosion problems from the last rain as it was a hard one, the first this year.

I was trying to figure out what to ride up the hill. If I rode a motorcycle I wouldn’t be able to take a shovel to fix any problems I might fine, but I could take a shovel on a quad runner, so what I decided was to take the motorcycle and if I found some problems I’ll take the quad up tomorrow and fix them.

Motorcycle battery needs charging

My brother Mike wanted me to charge his bikes battery so I started off on it taking some tools to fix the faucet if they were home, but they weren’t.

I lost one of the tools out of my pocket here so stopped to pick it up and stashed the tools by the tree to pick up on the way back.cycle9


Overlooking Guerneville

I rode up to the ridge top overlook that overlooks the town of Guerneville and stopped for the view. bike10


There seemed to be some moisture in the air, but it wasn’t raining. Guerneville in the mist.guerneville11


I need to come back with a shovel

I saw a couple spots that can use some shovel work, so I’ll have to come back, maybe even in the rain as that can be fun.

I took a different was back going over to our back forty on this road.road13


And stopped here on the lost ridge for a short break.ridge12


Continuing on down the hill I went through here.road


Checking our water tanks

I stopped at the spring water tanks to make sure things were working right and they were with full tanks and overflowing.tanks14


Not able to check out the leak

I continued on home stopping to pick up my tools but still no one home so I couldn’t check out the leak. Hope it’s a real small one.

Finished up the day grinding

There was still some daylight left as the days are getting longer. What to do. I decided to do some more grinding on all my metal parts for the cycle carrier so I spent the rest of the day grinding away. Not a lot of fun but taking sharp edges off things makes them much friendlier so as not to get cut or hurt later.

That was my day for a good one, got a few things done which is always good.

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