Building My Cycle Carrier Out of Metal From the Wooden Template

Saturday January 13, 2018, Guerneville CA.

Working on the project

Today was going to be a project day, so when I got it going I went outside to start things going but it was too cold to get started.

Charging a battery

I hooked up the battery charger to the battery in my old Toyota so it’ll have enough juice when I try to start the engine soon.charge1


Burr cold

That was it and back in the house I went chilled through.

After about an hour I tried again determined to make it this time. It had warmed up a couple more degrees and wasn’t quite as bad.

Fabricating the Carrier parts

My main project today was to fabricate the van’s motorcycle carrier out of steel.

I removed my wooden model of the carrier from the van.carrier2


Cutting and drilling

I cut the metal to size and was laying out the holes to be drilled when my back gave me a warning, so I moved all this up on my welding table to continue.measuring3


Deburring and laying out

I had to remove all the burrs off the metal pieces so I did a first pass on that as I’ll have to do more in a bit.

I laid out all the holes I need to drill as accurately as I could.table5


Drilling holes

And then drilled them all out using my drill press.drilling4


I then beveled all the metal in the places I was going to weld up and finished deburring things.

Arc welded the parts together

I cranked up the arc welder and welded up all the pieces and chipped the slag off the new welds.welding6


I finished just before dark. The parts need some paint, but I’ll wait until I get it all made and tested before painting.

Metal parts I constructed today

These are the two parts I made today for the cycle carrier.parts7


I still need to make the levers and the hinged cycle mounting bracket so I still have quite a lot to do but a good start.

That was my day.

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4 Responses to Building My Cycle Carrier Out of Metal From the Wooden Template

  1. Bob Noble says:

    It sure is a project. Working with metal takes a lot of time that’s why I made it out of wood first. Metal takes a lot of grinding to make the parts friendly. Hopefully all this work will allow me to have some fun riding around exploring in the deserts.

  2. Furry Gnome says:

    That carrier is looking like quite a major project!

  3. Bob Noble says:

    Hi David,
    It’s a 1968, a great machine worth more today than when I bought it new. No snow here just the way I like it. I still need to start it and look at the brakes and the muffler looks not too good.

  4. Upriverdavid says:

    What year is your Ty-otta????…I have a 1967 that is my plow rig….Quite the trooper..
    Still pushing my snow over there….
    The rodents have gotten into the wiring but I’ve worked around it since it doesn’t leave my property…No tail lights..turns…etc….Dang “Mickey” couldn’t you munch on something else????

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