Salmon Creek Ranch Meat and the Jenner Overlook and New Crosswalk

Thursday March 3, 2016 Bodega CA.

Salmon Creek Ranch

I could hear it drizzling as I got it going this morning. I headed out to get some more meat at the Salmon Creek Ranch near the town of Bodega CA., about a half hour drive from my house.

I opened their gate and drove on in, closing the gate behind me. Their ranch looks like this as I drove on in.ranch


I could see these animals grazing on the newly greened up grasses and I knew they were goats from the last time I was here a few weeks ago.goats


Some of their goats grazing away.goat


Of course I had to drive by some of their cows. They watched me closely as I drove by, but didn’t attack. :O)cattle


I was especially concerned about this guy as I had to drive right by it. It just watched me as I passed. :O) I might have it on my  dinner plate some day.31


I’m just kidding about being attacked by these guys. I used to help heard these type critters, so I get along with them quite well actually.

As I approached the ranch house area, this field of ducks started to move away from me. One of the things the ranch raises is duck eggs which apparently they lay in the grasses, so finding them is an Easter egg hunt.ducks


I talked with Lesley and we got my meat order together and I headed back out the road to the highway going past this big dog who was checking me out. They have a number of these big dogs watching their animals. And some of them are for salebigdog


Jenner overlook

I decided to go by Jenner on the way home and check out the mouth from the overlook.

It was trying to rain a bit as I looked out over the Pacific ocean, over the open river’s mouth.jenner


There were a number of harbor seals resting on the beach and the ocean was real rough as I looked from the overlook.seals


This was my view looking up the river from the overlook.river


Something new in Jenner today

On the way in to Jenner, I noticed something different today so I took a picture of it on the way out.

See it?newped


After many years, Jenner finally got a much needed cross walk installed which might also help slow traffic down just a bit.

I drove on home and put my meat away and hit the couch for a nap and that was my day.

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4 Responses to Salmon Creek Ranch Meat and the Jenner Overlook and New Crosswalk

  1. Mister Ed says:

    Wow nice Town one gas station one blue building and your taxes $$$$ just went up for the next 10 years because of the fancy hi tec painted crosswalk sign
    Well as an old farmer I would tell you SON if you would tie that old shaggy bull to the crosswalk sign guarantee you’re slow traffic down big time As well as road maintenance won’t have to cut the grass It’s all free

  2. Meg says:

    Hey Bob,
    What do you think that is coming up out of the ocean waves in the second picture of the river mouth? Right past the jetty.
    Looks like a periscope. Haha.
    Stay dry this weekend!

    • Bob says:

      I don’t know, maybe it is a periscope? The Russians are spying on us, or maybe the Chinese. :O)

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