Working On Yard Projects and What the Heck For

Sunday November 4, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Working in the yard

I wasn’t sure where to start today so I wondered around the yard until I did something. I’m putting a small fence and a gate across here. I added a small piece of fence which I will add a gate to once I get it built. The wire I added is that rusty stuff on the left and it goes to the chain link fence. All I had to do was hook it to the chain link fence for now and I got that done so I was ready to get to work.fence


Dirt’s in the way

I needed to get some of the dirt out of the way for a fence so I shoveled it into the wheelbarrow and hauled it a short distance.dirtout2


Another view of where I moved the dirt from for the fence.work4


Leveling up the ground

I put the dirt in these spots to  help level it up a bit.dirt


Here’s another view of where I’ve been dumping the dirt. After a bit I decided I need to include this area in a bigger chicken feeding area that I’m working on that’s why I need the fence installed. That means I’ll need to get some more wire fencing and round up some more posts too.dirt3


Van’s windshield repair

Before the sun got too low in the sky I started working on repairing the van’s cracked windshield. I used the blanket to keep the glass from getting too hot from the sun. The sun is needed in the last step to cure the resin that gets sucked into the cracks.fixer1


I just barely made the half hour cure time when the sun dropped below the western mountains, but I made it and finished off the job.

Cutting up some rebar

Just before dark I measured and cut rebar to make three more gates for the fenced in area I’m building. I got most of the rebar cut and could of started welding it up, but decided that’s enough for one day.saw


What the heck for?

Sometimes like today I wonder what the heck I’m working so hard for. Should I? What for? I could just sit around and do nothing all day or just go play.

I keep thinking I need to slow down and take it easy but I just seem to have too many projects to do all the time. I keep thinking there must be a time when all my projects are done, but instead I just keep getting more of them.

I tell  myself it’s all good exercise both physically and mentally and will keep me going better and longer…………………….. Maybe?

I guess when I’m dead all my projects will be done or at least finished. :O)

I think I’ll die with a hammer in one hand and a welder in the other.

That was my day.

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One Response to Working On Yard Projects and What the Heck For

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    You are moving a lot of dirt! From the small bits I’ve moved, I know how hard that work is.
    You say ‘what for?’ well, it is keeping you young, Bob! Keeping you fit, physically and mentally and I’m sure you feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction too. You love the chicken and are continuing to keep them happy …….. for the final reward (for you).
    Don’t stop moving, then it’s too late.

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