Wash Day, Improving Grow Panels, Welding Gates and Feeding Chickens

Monday November 5, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Wash day

I washed my socks when I first got up this morning and put them out on the asphalt to dry in the sun. It’s a man’s way of drying socks as I don’t have a dryer.socks


Improving the grow panels

Next I needed to fix up my grow panels as they need sides. Without sides the chickens are getting to the plants and pulling them out. The smaller chickens even crawl under the wire and eat stuff. Chickens also have long necks so can get under there and reach in a long way so they need sides. I could of used wood, but steel would last longer.

I cut some rebar and welded it on a panel then cut some wire to fasten it onto the rebar. I used the hog clips to fasten the wire to the rebar. I had to cut a lot of wire to get the small strips I needed.wirecut


Here’s a 3 x 4 foot panel I made better with the sides.panel


Planted some seed

I turned over some soil and planted some seed and put the panel back into action. I need to repair the rest of them when I get time and get some stuff growing in them.

Working on the fence gates

After a break I welded up some rebar for some fence gates for my chicken grazing pen I’m working on. Welding is hard on my back so I stopped at this point for the day and will finish them tomorrow, maybe.gates


Mowing grass for mulch

Late in the afternoon I gassed up  my weed mower and cut my neighbors grass to get some mulch for my chickens.

I put the mulch in the new mulch pen and let the chickens at it.

Here’s the chickens after they’ve worked over the grass a bit.mulchbin


With the time change it got dark early so I quit for the day.

Nice day.

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