Working With the Forest Fire Rehab Guys

Monday October 12, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Rehab work

I rode on over to the Goat Ladies Place to catch up with my brother Barry and the forest fire rehab guys that were doing clean up work after the fire.


They were just finishing up with lunch as I pulled into this spot.excavator


Waiting our turn

We were waiting for them to finish up on this property and come on over to our place to finish up the work there. They still had a lot of work to do here and didn’t know if they’d finish today to have time to come on over to our place so we had to hang around to see.

Back to work

The guys and the excavator started up that hill in the back to do some work on the fire break to  make it ready for


The excavator went up the steep hill and Barry followed them up on his dirt bike. I decided to wait as the hill was a bit steeper than this picture shows.kuphill


Took off on our dirt bikes

It wasn’t long before Barry came riding back down the hill and we decided to go visit some other neighbors who lived back this way, the Buchanan’s, so off we went to their place a few miles away.

Buchanan place

When we got there the place seemed like no one was home but after dismounting and approaching the house a guy  came out and said the guys we came to visit had gone to town. We chatted with him a bit then took off back to where the guys were working going over this bridge on the creek.barry


Hang out spot

The guys were still working up on the hill so we hung out here for most of the rest of the day shooting the bull with the fire guys that weren’t running the machine.flat


Coming down

Late in the day the excavator worked his way down the road putting in water bars on the way down.downhill


Blocking the road

The excavator made it down then preceded to move that downed tree there across the road he just came down to keep rigs off the road as the road was just a fire break.machine


It didn’t take long for that machine to block the road with the downed trees.brush


Too late so parked for the day

By the time the excavator got down the hill it was too late in the day to head on over to our place so they parked the machine here where they’d pick up tomorrow morning.done


We said our goodbyes and I followed Barry on his bike racing down the road towards our place.

Strawberries and an apple

Of course I stopped at the strawberry patch to eat some strawberries and I found an apple on a tree too which was tasty.

Once home I let the chickens out to graze and went in for a nap and that was pretty much it for me today.

Nice day

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  1. Nancy K says:

    Excavators have a very low center of gravity, but I don’t think I would have wanted to go up a trail that slanted that far to the right. Good operators are hard to find … he’s a keeper. Joy sticks make it much more fun!! Nice to see them putting in fire breaks.

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