Yamaha G19E Golf Cart Repair, Beef Stew and a Raspberry Patch

Sunday February 14, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Fixing the Yamaha G19E Electrical problem

I didn’t feel any speedier when I got up this morning, but I was determined and keep plugging away. As the day warmed up,  I set up the golf cart to work on it taking my time. I jacked up the back wheels just in case it decided to take off.cart


I took things apart and tested the main relay and found it to be good. Then I checked the relay on the gas pedal that makes it go and found that to be ok.

Bad electrical connections cause this

I was pretty sure there was a bad electrical connection as the symptoms of not going forward, but will go backward for a bit seems to be mostly caused by bad electrical connections. At least that been my experience with this thing so far. But all the stuff has to be checked, just in case.

I started digging deeper in the wires down in front of the batteries where the main controller was, looking for bad electrical connections or something loose.workarea


Corroded bolt

I found what looked like a bad connecter down there in those wires which was the main positive terminal from the batteries. It had a five sixteenths inch bolt holding it together which was mostly corroded away.

The bad connection is down here in the wires on the side of the controller.wires


Stews on

About that time my brother’s girl friend came by, Dominique. She offered to make me up a meat stew with some grass fed beef and vegetables from my brother’s garden. I checked with her to make sure she wasn’t using anything with corn stuff and accepted the offer and got back to work.

The corroded spade

There’s the spade coming out of the main controller which I removed the corroded bolt from. It had some corrosion on it so I cleaned it up.spade


Something else

This is the connector on the end of the wire that went to the corroded bolt connection.This connector has a lot of oxides on it that I cleaned up, the grayish black stuff.  But then I noticed something under the insulation, where the little ends of the wires are.cable


I peeled back the insulation and discovered these corrosion salts. I flaked off these pieces which are bluish and about an eighth inch thick.salts


This means the connection might be shaky and not letting enough current pass through it as the electric motor needs a lot to operate. I decided to have my brother get a new cable for it just in case.

Feeling better

By this time I was feeling better and not so tired out and there was still a couple of hours left in the day.

After a break I got the pruners out and started cutting back the old berry vines in this spot.

This is where Dominique is going to get a raspberry patch. Dominique is a French pastry chef so she could use a lot of raspberries. We still have some work to do to make it all happen.berrypatch


The beef stew

I just took a break for a bowl of that beef stew Dominique made for me. Yum, yummmmmmmm. Thanks Dominique.

That was pretty much my day.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bob I don’t know what your problem is but if you turn that reverse switch around so that it goes forward you don’t need to worry about reverse see a quick fix

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