Cormorants Meet the Newly Released Hatchery Fish

Monday February 15, 2016 Jenner CA.

The cormorants are arriving

I didn’t know it was a holiday until I arrived at Jenner this morning and the place was full of cars. I put my boat in the water and paddled across the river to the little channel on the upper end of Penny Island and pulled in here for a while.island


I see the cormorants are here for the smolt

I continued on up the river and stopped in this spot. Ahead, I could see the cormorants have arrived to dine on the hatchery smolt that have just been released. There was a big group of the cormorants resting on the  gravel near Paddy’s rock, but a guy landed there with a dog and they all took off.river


I worked my way on up the river and just below the bridge, I spotted a commotion that turned out to be a lot of critters feeding on the hatchery smolt. By the way, hatchery smolt are what most people would call trout which are mature enough to handle the salt in the ocean.

There were a bunch of cormorants diving for fish. These are just a few of them, most are under water.cors


These harbor seals were also working with the cormorants and there were a couple sea lions too.seals2


Heating up the hives

I continued on up the river, under the bridge and on up along this shoreline. The sun was out and I had to take off some of my layers as I was getting overheated and my hives were starting to act up as in itching. :O) Yuck.upriver


I went by this pair of geese feeding in the grasses. There’s a bunch of little white flowers in the grass too.geese


I paddled on up until I got to what I call Seal Haven. There were a couple harbor seals resting on submerged logs that I passed on by.seals3


Just past the seals, I spotted these cormorants resting, likely full of smolt.cormorants


To the right of those guys there was a bunch of cormorants fishing in the water.divers


I continued on up the river past these merganser ducks that were resting on the gravel.ducks


Markham’s pool

I was headed for Markham’s pool which I pulled into and took a long break here, looking up the river. Markham’s pool is the deepest hole in the river about fifty feet deep.pool


Off to my right, I could see a bunch more cormorants diving for fish.birds


Shortly after that Dan and his friend came down the river in their yaks, so I talked with them a bit before they hurried down the river.

I followed them at a slower pace just enjoying the day paddling along.

Here I’m just paddling along the shoreline taking my time headed on in for the day.jenner


The boat ramp was pretty busy so I hung around the side of Penny Island until most of the people had cleared the ramp, then went on home for the day.

I needed a wee nap when I got home and then decided to go out and work on the golf cart some more.

More work on the golf cart problem

I installed the new wire my brother bought and put it all back together and tried it, but no go. That wasn’t the problem. I measured all the sensors and switches and found them all good. My bother came around just about then. I was ready to quit for the day, but he was willing to work on it so I sat and supervised while he removed some batteries and then worked on getting the control unit out. It looks like the controller is out.  I have no way to test it out, so it looks like we are going to have to get a new one.

That was my day for a nice one.

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