Yard Projects and Getting the Grow Panel Sides On

Saturday November 10, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Need to get the grow panels finished

I started off the day by cutting up some  wire to put sides on  my chicken feed grower panels. It’s a lot of wire cutting to make the four inch wide strips I needed for the panels so it took a while to get that accomplished.wire


I installed the four inch wide wire to the rebar sides of the panels using hog nose clips.panels


Grow panel with sides

Here’s what a finished one looks like ready to put back in the chicken feed growing pen.panelsides


I hauled all the grow panels back to the garden and let the chickens in now that the things growing in the pens had some protection from the chickens.

A new gate

I installed the wire on one of my new rebar gates so now it’s ready to go.

I hauled it out to where it will be installed and propped it up there to see how it looked. Looks good now I can continue installing the fence,………….. eventually.gate


Prepping for a fence

The new fence will go along this driveway road. I’ve been prepping it for the fence for the last week or so and it’s almost ready for the new wire, but first I need to get the fence posts in and be careful not to drive them into the water pipe that goes under there.fence


After that the day was cooling down so I went on in the house and that was it for me today.

Nice day.

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