Yard Work and Metal Rack Construction

Sunday July 7, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Yard work

I need to clean out this spot. Weeds, blackberry vines and some shrubs have to go.weeds1

I started out cutting the blackberry vines and then the weeds. I thought a bit of water might help get the shrubs out so I put the water on them to soften up the ground a bit.water2

Metal rack work

While the water was doing it’s work, I went back to work on the metal rack construction. Sure is nice to have this metal chop saw as it works real good and speeds the work up a lot.saw3

I needed to cut the metal for the shelves so I worked on that for a bit.

Shrubs out

When the water had softened up the ground a bit I used the shovel to dig the shrubs up and got them out of the way.weeded4

With the ground all wet, the chickens really like that and got in to help me out.chickens5

Naked ladies

I dug up these bulbs and later realized they were Naked Pink Ladies. I’m giving them to  my neighbor.bulbs6


Watching this chicken, you’d think she was dying.dustiing7

But no, just a good old dust bath.dusting8

Welding up

I had to weld up some of the shelves as I’m using scrap material and some of it was a bit short. Then I used the grinder to smooth off both ends of all the shelf pieces.pipes9

Nice day.

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