A Bit of Puttering Around On a Warm Day

Wednesday July 3, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Today was supposed to be a warm one so I thought I’d take it easy and gave my back a rest.

I had a spring I wanted to check out, my cousin told me about, so I headed down this trail where the spring was located.trail1

I parked the bike here as the spring was up the hill on the right, so I started climbing the hill to get to the spring. I had to locate it.bike1

I started up through here. The ground was dry and slippery as I went and I slipped a lot.hill2


I spotted this green patch up ahead so checked it out for the spring. The spring was in there alright, but it was just putting out water in drops, so not enough water for me to mess with tapping it.spring3

Then I got back on the bike and rode it down to this spot where I wanted to walk around a bit to look around which I did.bike5

Break area

By this time I needed a break so I rode on up to the break area here for a spell.view6

After a good break, I headed on down the hill towards my cousin’s place for a visit, but.

The road was blocked with these recently downed trees so I couldn’t get around them and had to back track and go a different way.blocked7


I had a nice visit with my cousin and her husband and then took off headed to my pond to see if the water was coming up any after I’d tried to seal it up a bit the other day with Skiddy. It has risen two or three inches so far so my fix is at least working a bit. A little leak doesn’t matter much as it’s just a little pond and as long as there is some water in it, that’s good enough for me.pond8

After that, I headed on home where I was thinking of doing some work on my metal rack, but it was too warm to get into that so I just took it easy for the rest of the day.

Nice day.

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