Hooking Up the Pipes and Rob Joins Me With His Electric Bike.

Tuesday June 18, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Spring work

I wanted to get the pipeline trail pipes hooked up today. I started by digging a shallow ditch across the road where the pipe crosses it. The ground was hard and I only had to dig down a couple of inches to protect the pipe from tires.crossing1

Then I walked out the pipeline trail and started moving the black plastic pipe onto it so I could hook it up.trail2

I moved the older pipe onto the trail.pipeline3

And then pulled the rest of the old pipe from down below the trail onto the trail.pipe5

The spring water was flowing down the pipe so I hooked up the final coupling and I was good to go.water4

That was all I wanted to get accomplished on the pipeline today, so now I needed to take it easy so I rode on over to the small pond and checked it out and got a drink of water from the pond’s spring water inlet.pond6

Then I rode around some more and stopped at Choker Spring for another drink of water.spring7


From there i went to the overlook spot on my cousin’s place and sat for a good long time enjoying the day. Those clouds are smoke from a forest fire northeast of us. It was good the smoke stayed over there instead of on top of us.smoke8

While I was sitting there I was spooked when my neighbor rode up behind me on his electric mountain bike.

We shot the bull for a good while then we went for a ride so he could show me what that electric bike could do. I rode in Hondo.

He did pretty good getting around on the electric bike but on the steeper hills he had to peddle like hell. I think my older legs would cramp up doing that. The electric gave him quite a bit of assist, but he still ended up peddling pretty fast to get up the steeper hills.

Eventually he headed for home and I did the same thing for a nap.

Nice day.

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