Skiddy and I Help Out Some Neighbors

Tuesday February 13, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Heading for the hills

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow so I needed to get some work done with Skiddy. I’ve been waiting for things to dry out a bit as hills can be quite slippery with a heavy machine when it rains.

I wanted to open a road on my Cousin’s place so I could get my new side by side down it. The road had a couple of slides on it and it had some brush almost growing across the road in one spot. It also had a couple of ruddy spots that water had washed down it during the last big storm so I will drain that area to get the water off the road as well as any other spots that need to be drained.

I headed up this road to start climbing up into the forest and had to cross our place to get to her place.road

Slippery spots

I went up an old skid road that was a bit steeper than most of the roads and the tracks did some pealing out, but it made it to the top.

Jerry Can Flat

I made it to the road I wanted to work on and got it opened down to the Jerry Can Flat and parked here for a break.deere

After a short break, I continued on down the road to a creek crossing and that was as far as I wanted to go today.

I turned around and worked my way back to the top of the hill smoothing and fixing stuff as I went.

Another neighbor’s place

Once I was at the top of the ridge, I headed on over to another neighbor’s place and worked on draining his roads. The forest fire guys messed the drainage up when they used it during the forest fire, so I thought I’d do some repairs on it for  him. They had made some nasty water bars for water drainage that were real bad to cross with a truck so I tried to tone them down some.

Once that was done, I worked my way across our place doing more drainage work and fixing stuff as i went.


I stopped at this spring for a drink of water and drove Skiddy on  home from there.spring

Nice day.

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  1. Barb says:

    Fun! Glad you were able to help out your neighbors with your new toy.

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