A Bullfrog and a Nice Paddle Around the Russian River Estuary

Monday August 31, 2015 Jenner CA.


As I was checking out today’s pictures, I found this one of a nice bullfrog left over from my recent desert trip. They were in a creek by were we were camped and luckily didn’t make too much noise.froggy


Paddling around Jenner

The wind was down to a breeze and the sun was out as I put my boat in the water at Jenner this morning. Since it would soon be high tide, I decided to head on down to the river’s mouth area and see what was going on as you never know what might come into the river during this time.

I’m paddling along the side of Penny Island here and looking down towards the open river’s mouth.russianriver


I paddled by the birds in the above picture which turned out to be some cormorants and some merganser ducks on the left, looking out the open river’s mouth into the Pacific ocean.birds


On the way I saw John doing some yard work in his yard. He lives down here overlooking the mouth area. I stopped to shoot the bull with him for a bit.john


Eventually, I paddled on over to the mouth area where some harbor seals were resting on the beach. Lots of big waves were washing over the jetty behind them.harborseals


Haystack rock

I headed on down to Haystack Rock where I was going to sit for awhile and watch things. The rock is at the end of the river, just past the open mouth which would be to the left of this picture.haystack


I had to paddle around these birds to get to the big rock in the background. Brown pelicans and seagulls.pelicans


This was my view from the base of Haystack Rock looking back up the river.riverend


There were a bunch of harbor seals and birds resting on the beach in front of me.seals


Eventually, I paddled on out of that area and over in front of the open mouth and sat in this foam and watched things. With the high tide, lot’s of ocean water was spilling into the river from the ocean.rivermouth


Then I headed on up the river along this side of Penny Island. I mostly just let the breeze blow me up the river at a leisurely pace.jenner


With the high tide, the little channel on the upper end of Penny Island had water in it, so I pulled in and had a good nap as I seem to be tired out for some reason. The ocean can do that to you, make you feel tired out, I mean.channel


I continued on up the river just a little ways more going by these redwood logs, letting the breeze carry me.upriver


I was feeling too tired out to go much further so I turned and headed back in for the day.

Just before I got to the boat ramp this deer caught my attention up in a yard on the hill in Jenner. deer


I went on home and didn’t do much of anything the rest of the day. I did sit in my yard in the evening and enjoyed it before it got dark.

Nice day.

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