Paddling Around Jenner and a Log On the Milk Barn Roof

Tuesday September 1, 2015 Jenner CA.

I felt a little peppier when I got up this morning. I headed out to Jenner where the sun was out and it was just breezy, not windy.

Only two ways to go, up or down

I crossed over the river to Penny Island and sat for a bit trying to figure out which way to go today. I didn’t really want to go down to the mouth area as I’ve done that the last couple days, which seems to tire me out a bit for some reason. However, I seemed to of drifted down towards the lower end of Penny Island where I saw this great blue heron which walked away a bit as I went by.heron


I saw a bunch of harbor seals in the water and before I knew it, I was sitting among them. Not sure what they were up to?seals


Headed to the mouth

But now that put me close to the river’s mouth, so I paddled on over there to have a look. Nice day, eh.jenner


There were harbor seals and lots of birds resting on the sandy beach as I went by to the end of the river. Here’s some of the birds, brown pelicans, cormorants, mergansers and seagulls.birds


To much motion for me

I paddled back to the open mouth and was sitting around in this turmoil taking pictures when I realized this is likely what is making me real tired out the last couple days. I get motion sickness easy and bobbing around in this water that is coming in off the ocean was messing me up, especially looking through the camera’s eye piece. The harbor seals can handle the choppy water better than I.mouth


Once I realized that, I hurried to leave the area and headed up the Penny Island back channel which looked like this, much


I paddled by this great blue heron on otter’s log.logbird


And made it up to Muskrat Nest Beach here where I sat for a good long while.beach


But first, I had to dislodge this green heron from my spot as it was sitting there first. Birds find the good resting spots, usually out of the wind with some sun, so we have to share a bit. I usually win the spot when I arrive.greenheron


After a good bit, I started on back down the river stopping here, looking on down to the town of Jenner.russianriver


The loon that has been hanging around for some time now came over my way. It seems to be getting braver or at least trusting me more and hangs around where I sit in my boat.loon


Here’s another place the birds sit to get out of the wind and get some sun. The big redwood log stump blocks a lot of the wind so makes a good place to stop for a break. Even better than that, the sticks provide an anchor to keep from blowing or drifting away. The wind was low today, just a breeze, but sometimes this spot really is a good one to get out of the wind.stump


Big tree limb on the roof

I paddled on by this old milk barn on Penny Island. Notice the big tree limb on the roof.barn


I sure wish someone would tell the state park to get this limb off the roof before it tears the roof up.barnlimb


And this was my view on the way to the boat ramp today.jenner2


Talking about donating my river pictures

The building by the boat ramp is a visitor center run by the Stewards of the Coast and the Redwoods. I saw Joan on the boat ramp this morning and offered to donate all my river pictures to them if they want them. I was thinking they could make some bucks making some posters out of some of my pics or something like that? We’ll see if and what develops on that.

I went on home and did a raid on my brother’s garden. I found a watermelon and ate some strawberries and found several types of ripe peppers so I did ok.

Other than that, I just sat around in the yard until it got dark.

Nice day.

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4 Responses to Paddling Around Jenner and a Log On the Milk Barn Roof

  1. Thomas says:

    Last summer I was lucky enough to find your website. Ever since then I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your posts and looking at all your pictures of the river and wildlife. I have to admit kind of addicted.

    just wanted to say Thank You!


  2. Ken Solbakken says:

    I’m glad your energy is coming back after your high desert odyssey. Made it up to Lakeport yesterday and visited my sister, she said to say hi and is doing fine. Haven’t found any dam builders to transport, but the Subaru is running fine. Was the eucalyptus branch just growing and touching the roof or was it broken? I guess if we were a little younger we would bring a chainsaw and ladder and get her done. The roof could be seriously damaged by the time the government workers get around to doing the job.

    You do have some beautiful photos that I’m sure would make excellent posters to sell. Your time and generosity to all of us especially the animal and river is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Ken

    • admin says:

      Hi Ken,
      The tree limb is just growing right over the roof, so far, but if it starts to rub, it will go right through the roof. So far the roof looks ok.
      All you need is a trapper’s license to get some dam builders in another state. I wonder how much a trapper would sell one of the dam builders for, as a pet? :O)

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