A Cold Day Here, Ha

Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2012, Guerneville, CA.

It was cold here today

Yes, it was, but I’m not really complaining. It must have been close to fifty or so today. It was cold, but not as cold as where a lot of other people are. You see, when it gets a little cold around here, I just think that if it’s cold around here, it must be real cold in a lot of other places. So, it’s kool. ;O)

It’s forty degrees, F. right now at 7:30 PM, just means throw some more wood on the fire. Nice and warmsy.

Visitor’s stopped by for a visit

Dave and Joanne came by for a visit this morning and we sat around the wood stove for a couple hours shooting the bull. It’s not really fair to put Joanne between two guys, but she did ok.

And the van needed to be worked on

Around two PM I was thinking I need to get some work done on the van. The sun was on it and I put a little electric heater in it when I got up in the morning, so it was fairly toasty inside. Trouble was, most of the work I needed to do was outside and under the van. I did extend the rpm pickup wire to the tachometer sender on the distributor, which required some soldering and heat shrinking material.

Then I worked on my gas tank vent system I’m making because it didn’t have one and I need it for the new injecting system. I formed a little steel pipe to go up in my fender well, took a bit of time to fit it. When I got it just right, I thought I should check to make sure there wasn’t anything in it and darned if it wasn’t fully plugged up with rust. It made a nice template for the next one though. And yes, I checked the new pipe for plugged before I started this time. I put a couple clamps on that line inside the back wheel well and it looks pretty good. Just have to test it by using it and keeping an eye on it for awhile.

After a warm up in the house for awhile, I went back out and under the van to take off the old rubber fuel line stuff and see what the old steel gas line looked like and what shape it was in. It looked ok to use, so I started prepping the stuff to finish the fuel line install job.

I had to make another bracket to mount the fuel line around the front of the engine, which took some arc welding and a little spray painting. It’s drying on the top of the wood stove as it’s too cold outside to dry.

And a new computer needed to be set up

I barely finished that just before it got dark. Stoked the wood stove and then went over to my brother Tom’s to set up his new computer which has windows 8, which I’m just barely familiar with. He lives next door across the creek. They moved a lot around in the new win8, so I had to do a bit of exploring and searching to find out how to do some simple stuff. I got her all going and came home and stoked the fire again and am now taking it easy, considering what to eat for dinner tonight.

Yuck, nothing to figure out, it’s plain rice, again, as I’m trying to find where the corn is coming from. One has to eliminate everything that might have corn in it and if that can be accomplished, so I’m not getting corned, then one can add one more food to their safe list. What a pain in the butt. I like to eat and it’s real hard not to add some little thing to spiff it up, but that is a no no. I will put known good salt and pepper in the bowl of rice, …………………as just plain doesn’t cut it. :O)

Time to stoke that fire again. Great day. :O)

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