A Jolly Roger Day and Seagulls

Monday, Dec. 17, 2012, Jenner, CA.

Jolly Roger means a windy day

I got up early this morning just before eleven. Looked outside at my van and it was still real wet around  it, so I decided this would be a good day to get my part that came in at the local Napa parts place and continue down to Jenner for a yak. The weather report said it was going to be a bit windy down there, but what the hey?

It took me a while to get going, I left the house just after one. There was some problem whether my new radiator hose was for a manual or an automatic transmission model, but luckily the guy had both hoses, so we were able to determine which it was. We figured it out and I got the part. Acutually there book must of been wrong becasue the hose would be the same for manual or automatic transmission, there just isn’t room in there to do it any other way.

From there I headed down to Jenner, I was on the water around two in the afternoon. Yes, it was fairly windy, there was no one else on the water but me. That’s always ok with me.

Before I did that, I went into the post office and mailed some bills, met the new local postal lady and asked about forms to get a passport pass. They didn’t have one which didn’t surprise me as the Jenner post office is rather on the small side, but she did say I could get one in the Guerneville post office.

Anyway, I carefully put my boat in the water. I say carefully, because when the wind is blowing and the little waves are slapping the shore line, you have to be careful waves don’t come over the side on entry, as the boat is on the ground and waves come over the side instead of them just going under you  as they do, once you are afloat. Just something one has to watch on a windy day.

I looked around the river to determine which way to go today, It looked like there was less wind down near the mouth of the river and there were also a lot, I mean a lot of seagulls down that way too, so off I went. As you an see below, the wind kicked up the waves fairly good and it was high tide also. The ocean was real rough.

Below picture, lots of seagulls looking out the mouth of the river into the ocean.


Since I didn’t get a very early start, the sun was low in the sky. You can see the seagulls and the rough ocean beating on the jetty. The river mouth was wide open.



Lots of seagulls on the water too. See the picture below. Looking back up the river from the mouth.



Again today, there were no seals up on the beach at the mouth of the river. However, there were lots in the water around the west end of Penny island. It’s interesting to approach them, whistle a little and watch how many pop up to check you out, or are they just saying hi?

Harbor seal in the water, below.



Doesn’t Jenner look nice, tucked into the hills. I think I enjoy the place more than most of the people that live here. The below shot was taken from the south river shore, looking across Penny Island at Jenner.



I was slowly working my way back up the river, up the back side of the island and I went into the little channel on the east end and drifted into these two deer. Now, they had a little problem, because I was between them and were they could find cover, on the main part of the island, they were stuck out in the open. They got a little nervous and eventually pounced across the little water channel and disappeared  in the brush, as deer do.

Picture below of two deer on Penny Island.



I thought about going in, but it was still early enough for me to go upstream to the eagles landing area, so I worked my way up that way.

Below is what it looked like looking down the river from Eagle’s Landing. No eagles.



It was pushing five pm, so I headed down the river toward the take out at the visitors center. The sun was mostly down.

Below, a picture of the town of Jenner, at sunset.



My last shot before taking out. The sun has just gone down and you are looking out to the Pacific ocean, down by the river’s mouth, from just in front of the visitor’s center.



A bit windy today, but I’ve learned to like it. Makes for a certain kind of you know you are alive type of day.

Great day on the river today.

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