A Duck Type Day But I Have Chickens

Sunday December 12, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

It was raining when I woke this morning and still raining when I got it going. the weather guys showed a break in the rain for a few hours this afternoon so I thought that’d be a good time to go for a ride up into the forest to see how things were looking as far as water drainage from the rain.

Fed the chickens

I went out to feed the chickens with my umbrella and went back in the house after taking care of their needs.

About the time the rain break was supposed to happen I went outside to check on things. It was still raining lightly.

It was early for it, but the chickens were lined up at the gate. I gave in and let them in the front yard. They don’t seem to mind lighter rains too much and get pretty wet at least on the outside.gate


I opened the gate and let them go out to graze.chickens


They spread out around the yard and did their thing.grtazing


Hoping the rain would stop

I went back in the house hoping the rain would soon stop for a bit.

A bit later I went outside again and it was still raining so no ride up into the forest today for me. Maybe I should of put my rain gear on instead of depending on what the weather guys say.

The chickens where still out and getting a bit wet.bids


Here’s Doris, my greenish blue egg layer.doris


And a no name red hen comes over to see if I had anything to eat.wet


Still be dripping

Well, it was going to get dark soon and even if the rain stopped now the trees would still be dripping so no ride for me today.

Back in the house for a bit then out to shut the chickens up.

At least it was a nice restful day.

Nice day.

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One Response to A Duck Type Day But I Have Chickens

  1. Barb in Florida says:

    Hi Bob! Those are some soggy chickens.
    I noticed Doris has greenish blue legs.
    Any correlation to the color of her eggs?
    Have a good day!

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