Older People Make Excuses But Not Today, I Head Out In the Rain

Monday December 13, 2021 Guerneville CA.

  Rainy day

Another rainy day today.

It was raining when I went out to feed the chickens today so I took care of that and went back in the house.rain


Don’t need to just sit at home

I was thinking I needed to get my butt in gear and go for a ride up in the hills in the rain. I used to do this all the time but as one gets older it’s easier to just sit at home in the nice warm house,…………But.

The rain experience

If you are not careful older age can take a lot of fun out of ones life. It’s easier to make excuses and stay home until the rain stops but going out in the rain is an experience that can only be experienced by going out in the rain when the water is flowing off the hills, something one can only see if one goes out in the rain.

Where’s my rain gear

So, I found my heavy rain coat but I couldn’t find my rain pants and I looked for about a half hour for them. I decided to just go without them as if I got real wet I could come home and get warm, but at the last moment I found an old pair of ski pants that would work for rain pants, mostly. They are only partly water proof but they should keep me warm even if I got wet.

I’m off

I got all suited up and took off on the quad runner in a light rain as it let up a bit.

Even though it wasn’t now raining hard the run off from the earlier rain was still running off.

Run off

Here’s a drainage ditch that is now running water from the rains that was dry yesterday. I crossed here and headed on up the hill.water


I crossed this area where it’s been washing out and I put a few rocks in there earlier. It appears to be holding up but is going to need a lot more rocks to fix this up.crossing


Redwood forest

I rode up through here with everything  was nice and wet. It was still raining some so lots of rain drops were falling from the big trees.trail4


And up through  here though all the green ferns.trail5


Muddy so went for a walk

I made it though this part but after that the trail got too slippery from the rains and I couldn’t go any farther so I walked a bit to check things out.trail6


It’s always good to get some exercise. I walked up this road to look at a place where I worked the other day to drain the water off the road. It all looked good with no problems with the repairs.road7


So I headed on back down the hill a bit where I left the quad runner though here.road8


Had to detour

I had to ride back down the hill to take another road to get on up into the hills to check more stuff out so I rode down through here to another road.trail9


Tree down on the detour

And I ran into this down tree so had to turn around and take another road up into the higher hills.tree10


Rains picking up

I took this road up to the Pool Ridge Fire Road where it was raining a bit harder now.roadd11


Roads draining

This is the Pool Ridge Road where I was checking to make sure the water was running off the road instead of down the road and washing it out. This shows the water running down and off the road which is as it should be. If the water runs off the road in many places it does a lot less damage than if it all collects and then it can do a lot more damage.road12


Down through the redwoods

I rode around and checked out the road drainage for a couple hours then took this road on the way down the hill and back to my house.road13


Back home

As it turned out I didn’t get that wet. The snow pants leaked some but I was still warm enough to enjoy the ride so all was good. And the rain was picking up some more as I entered my yard as the next segment of this storm comes in.

Back home I changed out of the rain gear and it was nap time.

Barb in comments wanted to know if Doris’s legs were indicative of the color of her eggs. Maybe as that’s the color of that breeds legs. She is an Americano or something like that.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Older People Make Excuses But Not Today, I Head Out In the Rain

  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    Maybe when you’re old you will make excuses too but for now you are still young enough to play in the rain. ;)
    I’m glad the rain ia running along the road as it should, the path isnt wide enough to lose any.

  2. Ken+Solbakken says:

    Great post today! Some of my most memorable dirt bike riding days was after a big storm up at Stony Ford. The smell of the trees and rain, truly fills up my senses.

    Safe travels where ever you roam.

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