Ray and I Paddle Around Penny Island and Go for A Walk As the Wind Picks Up

Wednesday June 22, 2016 Jenner CA.

Windy day

I saw Ray in his boat across the river by Penny Island as I put my boat in the water today at Jenner.

This is what the river looked like as I paddled across to the island where Ray is sitting in his yellow boat which you can just barely see.russiariver


I saw this lady from the Bodega Bay Marine labs getting water measurements, head down towards the mouth area.sampler


I paddled on over to where Ray was and we decided to head down along the island to the closed river’s mouth area. The wind was up a bit, but not too bad yet.

We pulled into this little channel almost to the bottom end of Penny Island and stopped for a bit as the wind seemed to pick up some more.channel


Osprey with a big fish

While we were sitting there, I noticed this osprey fly by trying to gain some altitude as the fish it has is rather large and it could just barely fly with it. I couldn’t tell what kind of fish it had and this was the best I could do for a photo of the bird with the fish.ospreyfish


Not going to the closed mouth area

We continued on down along the islands edge. The wind had picked up by now and we decided not to go down to the mouth area, but  instead just go around the bottom end of Penny island and up the back channel instead.

Here we are paddling down along the island side in the wind.paddle


Here we are rounding the bottom end of Penny island cutting through that little channel there.island


The Slot

We paddled over to what I call the Slot and sat out of the wind for a bit just enjoying the day. Even with the wind up, it was fairly nice out.

Here we are sitting in the Slot taking it easy.slot


Eventually we moved out into the island back channel and let the wind take us up the river.

Termite tents

Things looked sorta like a circus at Candee’s place. Looks like her and her neighbor are getting some termites gassed.circus


Penny Island walk

We landed here on the upper end of Penny Island to get out of the wind and go for a walk.windy


We spent about an hour walking through the island brush and looking for blackberries to eat. I’m still finding some ripe ones, but not as many as before.

I’m following Ray through the brush on a sorta trail.walk


Winds still blowing

After a nice walk we put our boats back in the water. The wind was still blowing fairly strong.ray


We paddled  into this little channel on the upper end of the island which is mostly out of the wind.ray2


From there we headed across the river to the boat ramp and pulled our boats out.

Getting the van ready to go

I went on home for a nap. Later I spent some time getting some things loaded into my van for a little trip I’m taking to Boonville this weekend.

Other then that, I just sat around and enjoyed the evening.

Nice day.

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