A Muddy Work Area As I Build My Privacy Fence

Thursday April 12, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Working between the rain showers

Here’s my work area today. It showered on and off throughout the day.  When it got too went I retreated to the carport for a break until it stopped. The only bad thing about the rain showers is it caused the fresh dirt in my work area to get really muddy. Otherwise it was a warm showery day and not bad at all.workarea


Here’s  my muddy shoes. They got a lot muddier than that before I was done.mud


Cutting corners on my chicken house skids

I marked and cut the corners off these two 4×6’s. They are treated and will be used as skids for my new chicken house I’m scrounging up.skids


I cut them and put them aside to be used later. I will need these to move the chicken house to my house from where it is located now about a half mile away.

Privacy fence construction

Next I measured and cut the support 2×4’s for my privacy fence I’m constructing.supports


Cutting old roof metal

I had some old metal roof material that was rusty and leaky, but it would work ok for my fence. I measured it and cut it to length.steelcut


I used screws to put the metal up. It doesn’t look too good yet.wall


Paint will help

But I bought paint for it the other day so as soon as the sun shines enough I’ll get it painted up. I plan to plant something in front of it as soon as I figure out what, helpfully something I can eat.

Shocks were delivered

I heard the delivery guy out by the gate so I went out and found my new front shocks for my van had been delivered.

Chair hopping

Between the rain showers the sun would come out and it would get real nice so I did a bit of chair sitting just enjoying the nice spring day.

Moved wood piles

I  needed to move this pile of wood from an olive tree I cut down. It needed to get to the big wood pile so I moved it and some other piles of wood in the yard also made it to the big wood pile.wood


That was pretty much my day for another nice one.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    I’m certainly admiring your work and especially your weather. I am longing for the sun where I can do some chair hopping of my own!

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