Showers On and Off and I Pickup the Chicken’s Feed and Put It Away

Thursday December 19, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Showery day

Some showers today on and off. I got it going and went out to care for the chickens. They are always glad to see me in the morning as they know their food will be out for them and then they also get let out to graze.

I went back in the house and puttered around doing some napping too.

Drive to pick up the feed

Late in the afternoon I drove on over to the feed store and picked up a supply of seeds I feed  my chickens. I buy whole oats, rolled barley, milo, millet and oil type sunflower seeds still in the shells for my chickens. I mix them up to feed them. No corn for  my chickens just to be safe.

I have to special order some of the seeds, the milo and the millet so that’s what I picked up today. Lucky the showers were light when we loaded up.

No shopping today

With Christmas shopping on and the rain showers, I elected not to do any more shopping and returned home stopping to mail a letter at the local post office.

Since it was showering when I got home I parked the car and went in the house and took it easy for awhile until I was sure the showers had stopped.

Get to work

That was my cue to go out and unload the feed sacks and put them into the chickens feed shed.

That didn’t take long but those 50 pound sacks are hard on my back. Good thing they don’t still use the 100 pound ones like in the old days.

I gave the chickens a little extra feed since there were showers today.

By then it was almost dark so I called it a day and went on in the house and that was my day. A nice easy one mostly.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Keep those chickens healthy and happy. You are their best friend!

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