A Paddle, the Peekaboo Bird and Some Work On the Van Project

Monday August 15, 2016 Jenner CA.

Nice day for a paddle

I was off to Jenner this morning to kayak for the day. The sun was trying to come out and the wind was down for what looked like was going to be a nice day and it was.

I paddled across to Penny Island and decided to head down river towards the open river’s mouth area. I paddled down along the island here.birds


I went by this great blue heron doing some fishing along the shoreline.heron


And these ducks were feeding in the weeds in the water.ducks


Some brown pelicans were flying around looking for fish to dive on just in front of me. Here’s one of them just after a dive.pel


Peekaboo bird shows up

I was sitting down near the lower end of the island when I heard something splash just behind me. I couldn’t see what it was as it’s not easy to see behind in a kayak without turning the boat around.

After a bit, I heard some more splashing so turned around and was surprised to see my little peekaboo bird friend that paid me a visit a week or so ago. I’d been watching for it, but hadn’t seen it since.

However, it seemed to have found me and dropped in for another visit.peek


Headed for the mouth area

I left it sitting there and headed towards the river’s open mouth area which looked like this.mouth


I went by these seals and some birds too.seals


Just past them I went by these geese resting on the shoreline as I headed down to the very end of the river by Haystack rock.geese


The very end of the river

I sat around and enjoyed the day at Haystack rock for quite a spell. Very peaceful place.rock


Eventually I headed back up the river going by the mouth area again. I went by these seals in the water.seals2


I paddled on over to the island’s back channel and started up it when I ran into this egret fishing along the shore.egret


There were some geese resting on the island as I paddled on by.gooses


I paddled on up past Penny Island along here.river


I didn’t go far before turning back down the river and heading back in for the day paddling along here.downriver


I took my boat out of the water and went on home for the day. Of course I had a little nap.

Working on the old van

Eventually, I went out to see what I could do on my van project. I tried the spark plug wires again and got them to fit, but I feel they are too tight and hard to keep away from the exhaust manifolds, so I measured the ones I have so I can shop for some longer ones.

I worked on a place to mount the radiator overfill bottle and had some success with that, but didn’t get the bottle mounted yet.

That was my day for a nice one.

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