A Pelican Sort of Day and Worked on the Radiator Overfill Tank Mount

Tuesday August 16, 2016 Jenner CA.

Kayaking, no shopping

My plan today was to go to Jenner and kayak and then go to Santa Rosa after to do some shopping for the van project.

Brown pelicans that way

I put my boat in the water and paddled across and looked down river towards the river’s mouth area. This was the scene. Feeding ducks and pelicans flying around hunting for something to eat. These were the brown pelicans which hunt mostly for fish.ducks


Headed up the river

I decided to head on up the river as I planned for a short day so I could go shopping later.

I went by this great egret fishing away. It missed on this one.egret


Osprey in the water

I passed by this osprey taking a bath and preening in the water.osprey


It was rather nice out, so I was already thinking of canceling the shopping as I paddled up along here.river


I stopped at Otter’s log and enjoyed the day.log


Lots of white pelicans

Across the river by Paddy’s rock, I could see these birds resting on the gravel. Mostly pelicans, some cormorants and ducks.pelicans


River otters hunting

I was sitting here when thee otters charged until they saw me and turned around.otters


There were five or six of them fishing along the shoreline.otter2


I followed them for a bit before they ditched me by going to shore for a nap.

No sir, no shopping for me

I worked my way up to here and was sure I wasn’t going shopping today.muskrat


Lots of white pelicans

After a good sit in that spot, I crossed the river to Paddy’s rock where all these pelicans were resting on the gravel bar.pels


Here’s some of those pelicans as I rounded Paddy’s rock.pelrock


Otters go by again

From there I could see the otters hunting along the shore line on the other side of the river so I went over and followed them for a bit, but they were going back up the river and I was going down so I left them hunting away.

White pelicans gather to feed

About this time most of the white pelicans flew off down river to this spot were they appeared to be feeding.pelican


They crossed the river to the south side so I paddled on over to have a look. They were feeding  but some of them were playing with sticks and feathers. The one there has a feather it picked up somewhere and was doing something with it. It still had it in it’s beak when I left and headed on in for the day.featherpel


Nap and some work on the van project

I went on home for a nap, then went out to work on the van project.

I was working on the radiator overflow tank. I needed some way to hold it in the van. I tried drilling some holes for a way to hold it in, but the spot I needed to drill was in a tight spot and all I did was break drill bits, so I gave up on that idea and thought about it some more. I could see one bolt there I could use to hold a bracket in, so I decided to make a bracket to hold a strap and buckle.

Here’s the bracket I made to hold the strap.bracket


I applied some paint to the part and mostly sat around the rest of the day figuring out what I still needed to do and how.

Nice day.

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