Brown Pelicans and White Pelicans While Paddling Around Jenner and the Spark Plug Wires Don’t Fit

Tuesday August 9, 2016 Jenner CA.

Fog was mostly moving out

The sun was out and the wind was down. Looked like it was going to be a nice day kayaking at Jenner.

I put my boat in the water and paddled across to Penny Island and headed up the river.

I’m going through a bunch of weeds along Penny Island.weeds


I worked my way up to the old redwood log graveyard and sat for a good spell. The fog was waffling around a bit.logs


Diving pelicans

Some brown pelicans were flying around hunting for fish to dive on. Here’s one of them diving on some fish.divepel


Looks like it was a successful dive as it swallowed something as I watched.pels


Eventually, I continued on up the river going by here.foggy


Nice spot

As I was getting to the muskrat area, the little wind we had died down to this.river


I sat around here for a bit just taking it easy.rock


I went to shore here and went for a short walk through this stuff. Lots of poison oak in this area, but still real nice to walk through.tree


Lotsa birds

Eventually I crossed over the river to Paddy’s rock. As I rounded the rock, I found all these ducks resting there on the gravel.ducks


Just down from there I ran into these cormorants, ducks and white pelicans.birds


White pelicans

The pelicans gave me the eye as I passed on by.pelicans


After I passed, they took to the sky.pelbirds


I continued down along the North shoreline approaching Jenner here.jenner


As I headed for the boat ramp, I looked down the river towards the open mouth area which looked like this.mouthfog


I pulled into the boat ramp and put my boat on the car and went on home for the day.

Nap time first and then worked on the van

A nap was in order after which I went outside and worked on the van project. Today, I installed the spark plugs and tried to install the spark plug wires, but to my surprise, the plug wires ends that went to the HEI distributor were the wrong size. Somebody made an improvement and changed the wire connections on the newer distributor, so I will have to take the wires back and get the newer ones.

Needed to mow the raspberry patch

I then tried to start the mower as I wanted to mow the weeds in my brothers raspberry patch as they were taking over the patch. The darn mower wouldn’t start. I pulled the spark plug and checked for a spark and there wasn’t any, so I had to fix that. I dug into the engine and found there was some dirty greasy stuff shorting out the magnetic pickups on the flywheel. I cleaned up the magnets and reset the flywheel coil gap for the coil pickup and it now has a spark, so I put it all back together and it started right up.

So, I was able to mow the weeds in the patch. I did find a couple ripe raspberries and ate one of them and left the other ones for someone else as this is a new patch and isn’t producing much yet. Yummmmm on that one berry. These are the huge raspberries and very tasty.

Oh, oh, cut the water line

In the process of mowing the weeds, I cut the berries water line, so I informed my brother about that so he can fix it eventually.

By now I was pretty worn out, so I took it easy for the rest of the day which was almost gone anyway.

Nice day.

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