Pelicans and Birds, Nice Day and Some Work On the Van Project

Wednesday August 10, 2016 Jenner CA.

Looking nice out

As you can see it was real nice as I put in the water at Jenner this morning and headed down towards the river’s open mouth area.river



I could see lots of birds as I approached the lower end of Penny Island.herons


White and brown pelicans preening on the gravel.pelicans


And an egret with some mallards.egret


I went by these mallards feeding in the weeds.mallards


River’s mouth is open

I paddled down towards the mouth area and went on by to the end of the river just to the right.mouth


I was watching this egret preening.egret2


After that, it did some fishing too.egret3


Harbor seals

There were a couple harbor seals frolicking in the water close by.seals


Eventually, I left the area, going by these harbor seals resting on some submerged sand in front of the open mouth.seal


I crossed back over the river towards Penny Island.river2


I continued on up the side of Penny Island on the right.island



On the way, I passed by these brown pelicans.pelfly


And I went back by the white pelicans who were now mostly napping.pelrest


I decided to call it a day and went on over to the boat ramp and pulled my boat out and went on home.

Work on the van project

After a short rest, I went out and worked on the van. I installed the rest of the clutch linkage and adjusted it, so that’s done. I tried the larger fan belts I bought for the ones that were just a little too tight to install and found them way oversize, so I’ll try again on that one.

I worked on how to install an air filter as I wanted to use the old one I had on the old engine, but I was having a hard time making it fit now. I haven’t decided to use what I have or buy a new one. I got the old one in there all right, but there’s not really a lot of room for the type of filter it is, so I’ll have to decide on what to do on that one.

I need the right spark plug wires and I need to hook up all the electrical stuff now and I’m almost there.

That was my day.

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