A Real Lazy Day Kayaking Jenner

Saturday, Feb. 9, 2013, Jenner, CA.

Nice day kayaking Jenner

It was 32 F when I got up today, but the sun was out and the temperature was rising fast. Seemed like a good day to go down to Jenner for a yak, as I don’t seem to have much energy to do much else. :O)

I was on the water just after eleven and crossed over to Penny Island. The estuary water was fairly high today, as there has been some real high tides and the way the river’s mouth was right now, tended to hold the water in the river at a higher level. This made the little channel at the east end of the island larger than it usually is.

I sat in the channel for about a half hour, then moved on up the river, slowly taking it easy. I made it up about a half mile and then turned back down toward the river’s mouth, where I hung out for about an hour.

There were a lot of geese hanging out with the cows today, as you can see below.



The river’s mouth had pushed about as far north as it can go.

Below, a picture looking down the river’s mouth, toward the ocean.



The Pacific ocean was fairly rough today. I’m glad I was in the river, where it is much calmer.

Below, you can see the rough ocean looking out from the river.



I moved over to where the harbor seals hang out and took the below picture. See that sand in the back ground? The ocean wind and waves pile it high at times, over twenty feet. Where I’m sitting in my boat would have been under this sand about a month ago. The ocean can really move that sand around a lot, surprisingly a lot.


There wasn’t much sea lion action today, only one or two of them mostly fishing below these seals.

From the river’s mouth, I paddled back up to Penny Island and went to shore to do some exploring. I spent about an hour there nosing around and taking it easy.

Below, is a picture of where I put the boat ashore on the north side of the island.



It was still early when I put the boat back in the water, so I went back to the channel on the east end of the island where I took it easy for awhile.

Below, is a picture of the east end island channel where I sat in my boat for about an hour.


I slowly worked my way over to the visitor’s center take out and was off the water at about three pm.

It seems the steelhead fish have really slowed down coming into the river for now as there was very little seal and sea lion action today.

I went home and did some laundry  and got some more stuff ready for my trip and took a good nap too.

Had a nice day on the river.

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